Why LinkedIn Accounts Suspended

Why LinkedIn Accounts Suspended: Know The Reasons and Avoid Them

Are you familiar with LinkedIn? Do you know why your LinkedIn accounts suspended?

In the social media world, LinkedIn plays a powerful and important role for professional networking. It’s the biggest and most trusted networking site for the professionals. You can hire or get hired via LinkedIn easily.

It’s a portal full of different opportunities for the employers, employees, and the fresher who are looking for jobs. Contains a lot of information about its users, it provides high security.

Know The Reasons and Avoid Them

For this security purpose, you can face some issues like LinkedIn Account Permanently Restricted, LinkedIn Limited Account Access, LinkedIn Account Suspended and so on.

Even sometimes you can have some messages such as We Couldn’t Find a LinkedIn Account Associated With or LinkedIn Password Reset Email.

Causes Why LinkedIn Accounts Suspended

Is your LinkedIn account suspended? Have you ever faced this problem? Today, we’re going to check out some reasons behind Why LinkedIn Accounts Suspended.

Don’t want your LinkedIn account to be suspended? Just understand the reasons and try to avoid them. Here are some of the activities that could draw you to get your account suspended. Let’s go through them.

1. More Than One Account with Almost Same Profile

Isn’t it great fun to make people confused? But never try it with LinkedIn. LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to make it confused. If you create more than one account for your business purpose, make sure you’re not providing almost the same information about yourself.

If LinkedIn can’t find enough difference among your different accounts, there you’re going to get LinkedIn Account Suspended.  

2. Too Many Sign-In Attempts

Whenever there will be a detection of failure to sign in to your LinkedIn accounts so many times, you’re going to experience your LinkedIn Account Suspended.

It’s because of the security purpose. As LinkedIn doesn’t know whether it’s you or someone else who’s been trying to get in your account with the wrong passwords again and again.

3. Too Fast LinkedIn Browsing Or Too Many Clicks

Never forget that LinkedIn is not like other regular social media. It’s not necessary to check a lot of profiles in a very short time or keep searching continuously for a very long time. In both cases, it’s possible you get LinkedIn Account Suspended.

Besides, if you click too many times in a very short period, no matter it’s necessary or not, it’s time for you to get LinkedIn Account Temporally Suspended and there’ll be no warning.

4. Way More Friendliness

Some people forget that LinkedIn is a professional site where people only connect with other people either they know or they have some professional interest. And then those people start to be extremely friendly and send connection invitations to a lot of persons who have no single reason or interest to accept it.

LinkedIn provides its users with an option known as “I don’t know this person”. When you get such a response and it crosses a certain limit, it’s time for your LinkedIn Account Temporally Suspended.

5. Sending Contacts A lot of Messages

There are claims that people got their LinkedIn Account Suspended because of sending too many messages to their contacts. Though it’s weird and unbelievable, it happens.

The main reason could be that when you’re sending too many messages, LinkedIn might consider them as spam. And that’s why you get LinkedIn Account Temporally Suspended.

6. Sharing Inappropriate Posts

LinkedIn is not a place for silly entertainment. You can’t treat LinkedIn like the way you treat other social media platforms. Here, you can’t share posts that can disturb, irritate, insult, harass, or make people feel offended.

Be careful with your words while sharing anything on LinkedIn. No matter how much you like making fun of other people, never try it on LinkedIn. Otherwise, you’re going to start a battle against LinkedIn and its account suspension.

7. Mysterious or Fake Profile

Like to create a mysterious profile on social media? Like using fake or weird profile name and photo that doesn’t contain your identity? Go on, that’s not a problem for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

You can also do it on the LinkedIn account. But in that case, you can’t hope that you’re not going to get LinkedIn Account Suspended. So, if you want to experience account suspension without any warning, you can easily try to be fake or mysterious.

8.  Earning Via LinkedIn Without Its Approval

Unlike other regular social media accounts, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to earn some extra without its permission. You can, of course, use your LinkedIn account to earn money, but you’re going to need its consent. Or else, it’s going to suspend your account without any warning.

Final Words

It’s true that we never like to live in limits. But it’s also true that limits make things correct, useful, and good. LinkedIn is a very useful and powerful platform for professional and business purposes. Do you need to buy linkedIn accounts?

There’ll be no issues with LinkedIn if you use it properly by following all the terms and conditions. It can certainly help you create a strong professional network. You can get so many great opportunities for your professional goal via LinkedIn. Try to maintain your LinkedIn account accurately. Don’t get your LinkedIn Account Suspended by doing anything you shouldn’t do.

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