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Do most social networking people have curiosity about what is LinkedIn used for? Why is it so longer around than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? It is mainly because LinkedIn is a useful resource for job seekers, and it works as a billboard for job recruiters. Many multinational company recruiters offer unconventional dynamic jobs on LinkedIn to get a smart employee. As it highlights every person’s professional, unique value, it’s easy for them to filter out and choose the right candidate who highly deserves the proposition.

At present, the use of LinkedIn among job hunting or carrier build-up people is increasing unconditionally. Right now, it hosts more nearly 650 million profiles with an unlimited network connection and job opportunities. In fact, it has become a full-fledged professional networking site in the career industry.

Still, for most people, it is untold what is the use of LinkedIn? Apart from networking, can we use this platform in business or making own brands? Sometimes they intrigued and wondered how do LinkedIn works? So, to give all the answers here, I have come up with six important reasons for LinkedIn usage.

So, let’s deep dive into what is LinkedIn for and how you can use it effectively in professional life.

Know about authoritative job offers:

Out of lots of benefits, the first and foremost benefit for the job seekers is to know about attractive job offers. By using proper keywords and location, you can set job alerts for your career interest. It will help you to get the notifications via email in time.

The other way is to turn on your “I’m interested” button to stay in the loop. It will let you know about new opportunities and recruiters quickly. Because this will not show your current working position and alert you to hearing from others.

On the other hand, if you need a quicker option and can spend $29.99/month, you can go for the premium version. There you can directly message the recruiters, check other competitors, know about salary information anytime.

Build your own brand:

By creating a company page, you can build up your own brand. Everyone wants to make a brand to get access in this competitive market. To do that, you can create a page in LinkedIn just like Facebook and share details about the brand. You can also build a professional map by giving a profile picture and a prevailing summary of your work. All together will help other employees to engage in your profile and automatically increase the awareness of your brand.

It will also emphasize your personality and help recruiters, co-workers, and managers to peruse your profile. They will get to know about your brand with a strong understanding and notify you if any skills or services would bring to the table.

Rank your brand on Google:

As mentioned before, you can spread out your brand via a LinkedIn page. It will also help you to Google your name. this is another benefit of Google. Therefore you can bring your name or brand name on the Google first page via a strong network. Yet, it’s not an easy job, but it’s highly possible to pop up your name on the Google page.

This work is done through Google page ranking. So, rather than boring websites or online portfolio ranking, you can work on a Linkedin page. However your profile should be complete, accurate, and skillful. As people will search even email you by sweeping your name in Google, it should be stand out from the crowd.

Share professional content with contracts:

It the other way to use LinkedIn. You can share your unlimited business content with the people you have connected with and let them know your business vibe. It might be an article, a post, or simply content. Believe me, this is an awesome process to share your business rather than sharing traditional business cards or email. The folks can also connect with you via text, comment, or share, keep you in mind even if you could never meet with him.

Honestly, this is an amazingly unique way to connect the audience and increase the profile’s visibility. Note that it doesn’t include any personal information in the content. But if it’s business-related, you can do it. Its also better not to create content on any general topics like politics, religion, or any controversial issue.

Get the specific company information:

Nowadays, almost every company opens its page on LinkedIn and provides all updated information. They also share the company economic news with insights, employee history and showcase current employees. So, if you got a call from any renowned company and would like to know more, you can easily browse LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn offers other perks, you will have the ability to find other people who work there. Simply type the company name in the search bar and then select “people.” You will get a list of people from whom you can get plenty of information. See! How LinkedIn makes your interview work easier before you accept the job.

Get Network and recommendations:

LinkedIn can emphasize your network area and professional recommendations in large numbers. That’s why it’s considered an important networking tool. By building mutual connections and other folks in your fields, you can maintain your job and build a professional reputation. It will also increase your skills and experience and offer social proof as recommendations.

Because positive recommendations from clients and colleagues show that you have the capability and strength to do the job if hired. To do this, you should use the “Recommend” button and send the recommendation request to the LinkedIn clients. In this way also you can use LinkedIn and enrich your profile.


Now I hope you have got the comprehensive guideline of “what is LinkedIn used for.” Actually, it works in every step, from building up your brand to grow your network and finally attract recruiters. I want to clarify this through this post. If you find this helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. also, start using LinkedIn from today onwards to get the maximum

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