What are the advantages of Google Voice? 8 Reasons to Use it.

The Google Voice service is one of the most interesting yet underrated services in the present time. While it’s been there for over a decade still, very few people have hardly heard about it.

To many people, Google’s voice is termed as “mother of all features.” This is because Google Voice allows you to connect more devices at a single one. Other than that, there are few more exciting features as well.

Are you one of those who are really excited to start using Google voice service? And if you want to know what are the advantages of Google Voice, this article is for you.

What is Google Voice Service?

Although the sole purpose of this article was about the advantages of Google Voice number, before heading into that, you need to know what Google voice number is!

Google voice number is a unique number given by Google where you can link multiple numbers. Didn’t get it, right? Suppose you own a phone at the office, a landline at home, and your personal mobile. But it’s not possible to carry all of them at once, isn’t it? So you can miss a call from your office home when you’re outside.

But with a Google voice service, you can link all these numbers into a single one. So if you’re outside of your office or phone, you can still pick up calls of those numbers. This is arguably the best feature of Google voice service.

Although it’s been nearly 12 years, the Google voice service is only available in the US and Canada. With a google voice number, you can make free calls and send messages to the US and Canada. If you want to make international calls, you’ve to pay a little charge.

What are the benefits of using Google voice numbers?

Google voice numbers provide a wide range of benefits. Not only the multi-number one but there are also many useful benefits of it as well. Look have a look at the top advantages of Google voice-

1.    Using Multiple Numbers at a time

This Google Voice feature literally revolutionized the whole internet. Most people, especially business persons, used to have a lot of trouble using multiple devices at a time. But as Google voice allows to link several numbers into a single one, it’s now possible to take calls from all numbers at any place.

2.    Free Calls and Texts

Google voice helps the US and Canadian residents to make free calls. Even sending text messages is also free. But if you want to make calls outside these regions, you have to pay a little charge.

The call quality of the Google voice is excellent. You won’t notice any network issue or quality issue. But you need to be connected to a wifi or data network.

3.    Get Notified everywhere

And another thing is that you won’t miss any call or text even you’re away. When you link all your number with the google voice number, you get all the notifications there. If someone is calling your office phone and if that number is linked to your google voice, then you can pick up that phone from anywhere. So it’s beneficial for businessmen and service holders.

4.    Make Calls from PC Browser

If you’re using a chrome browser, then you can use google voice as an extension. Sowhen you’re on your PC or laptop and away from your phone, you can still receive the calls. This is very useful to those who have to remain in front of a PC for hours. This prevents any kind of distraction. Moreover, you can place calls and texts from your PC as well.

5.    Get a Unique Number

When you sign up to Google Voice and fill up all the requirements, Google provides you a unique number. You can connect any number with that one. You can also forward any texts or calls to the linked numbers as well. When you are calling any person, then that person will be seeing the google voice number. So you get a unique number for you.

6.    Number Portability

This one is one of the best advantages of google voice number. When you set a google voice account, then it gives you portability. Suppose you want to change any number. If you’re changing the mobile operator, then you’ve to go through a long process. It’s quite a hassle. But when you have a google voice number, you can just get a new number and link it with google voice.

Even if you want to maintain privacy and don’t want to give your personal number, you can use the Google voice number everywhere. This will keep your privacy and get the job done as well.

7.    Voicemail to Text

Google voice service is highly customizable. If you can’t receive any call on a regular cell phone, you’re not getting the messages. Due to this phenomenon, sometimes you miss out on important news. But in google voice, there is a voicemail service. I  case if you couldn’t pick up the call, then it’ll save the voicemail and forward the message to your cell phone in a text format.

8.    Block Spam/Individuals

Some people use Google voice numbers for their business purpose or even personal ones. So privacy is a factor here. In case you want to block any number or restrict any user from reaching you, you can block that number with your google voice service.

Final Verdict

Like any other thing, google voice service has some drawbacks as well. You cannot make emergency calls with it. But we can overlook these drawbacks because of the extremely helpful features that it offers.

So we hope we’re able to solve your queries on what are the advantages of Google Voice, right? If you’re not still using Google voice service, trust me, you’re missing out on interesting technology!

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