What are Google Voice Numbers?: Should You Give it a Go

Google Voice is a standout of cloud computing in the present world. It has an excellent suite of offerings, competitive pricing, and portability that helps to carry your home or office device anywhere you want.

Whether it’s an alternative for your home mobile or work device, Good Voice is the cheaper alternative available on the market right now. But sometimes, we might wonder what are Google Voice numbers? What are the features that it offers?

Well, to clear out your queries, we’re here with a detailed guide onGoogle’s Cloud computing network.


What is Google Voice Number?

Suppose you’ve got a landline at home, a phone at your office and obviously your personal mobile phone. Sometimes it must be difficult to take all the calls as they are located differently. But what if we tell you, you can simultaneously take calls from all the devices in a single device? Seems unbelievable, right?

Google’s Voice service lets you add more than one contact number into a single one. Now with that single number, you can call anyone and also receive. Further, if you want, you can even send messages.

So one of the top features of this is, you don’t have to carry multiple devices for home or office. As the google voice number merges multiple ones, you can access all of them with a single device.


Things to keep in mind for using Google Voice

  • Before you access Google voice first, you need to set your voice account. You can set it on either your mobile or PC. Visit the google voice website and log in. If you don’t have any, then you’ve to create a new one. Then enter your location, area code, and mobile number. Follow the further steps on the website to set up your account properly.
  • The Google voice number must be connected with a current contact number. You cannot use this voice number from Google as your main contact number.
  •  You must be wondering if setting a Google voice number is free or not. Well, you can set your google voice account absolutely free of cost. For the US and Canadian residents, making calls and sending texts is free. But other than that, if you want to make domestic or international calls, there are minor call costs.

What can you do with google voice numbers?

Since 2009 google voice option has been available. But the matter of sorrow is, only a handful of people know and implement this service in real life. Many google voice features can come in handy for you if you use them properly. And another good news is, almost all of them are free of cost.

Reading this far, you’ve already known what are google voice numbers! And now, in this part, we’ll be talking about what you can do with google voice numbers.

Let’s begin…

1.    Merges multiple phone numbers with a single number

This is the most amazing feature of Google voice number. And maybe the most important one. If you are one of the captains of multi-tasking, you should definitely give a go-to Google voice number for this feature. Trust me, it makes using multiple numbers more simple. At the same time, you get a hassle-free life of carrying more than one device. It’s efficient, makes your life faster, and you get to know about cloud computing more.

2.    Never miss any call

You’ve already known that Google voice number merges multiple numbers into a single one. You can link this number to your home, office, or any other phone. When you get any calls in you to google’s voice number, it’ll alert all the linked devices at once. So you’ll not miss any calls. The receiver will see the google voice number.

3.    Make or Take Calls from Gmail

If you’re a resident of the US or Canada, you can make free calls through Google. But the call will be done from a random number. And there is a high chance that the person on the other end won’t pick it up thinking it is spam.

But when you set up your Google Voice number, then it won’t be showing any random number from then. The calls will be going and coming from your own Google Voice number that you set up earlier.

Besides, you can even receive calls with your desktop or laptop. And as Google voice has become a part of Google Hangouts, you can use its extension in the Chrome browser.

4.    Send Texts From Browser or Mobile

You can send free texts or messages via Google voice number. As you can use an extension in the Google Chrome browser, it’s possible to send text messages from your browser.

Send Texts From Browser or Mobile
Send Texts From Browser or Mobile

There is an official Google voice number app. So it’s become easy to send texts free of costs without any third-party apps. And when you’re using a browser extension, it backups all your data. Meaning, you won’t lose any texts or messages even if you factory reset your mobile.

5.    Custom Number Portability

Google gives you a unique number when you finish setting up your Google Voice account. You can use this number to forward any calls or texts to another preferred number. As a result, it gives you the compatibility to switch phones over time. And you don’t have to carry all of the devices with you.

In case if you don’t like to provide your Google voice number to anyone, there is a way to transfer your current contact number to a voice number. Google voice option also allows call forwarding to a specific number.

Final thought

If you’re still not using Google voice numbers, you’re missing out onone of the best internet technologies. Still, it’s not too late to adapt to this network. With the features that it offers, you should definitely give it a try. And we guarantee you’ll not regret it. So that’s it when it comes to clearing out queries on what are google voice numbers and google voice features. Give it a go today, and try the different Google voice features. Tell us which one you liked

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