Reddit Ads vs Facebook Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Reddit and Facebook are two of the most used platforms for companies to run ad profitable ad campaigns. Due to the huge traffic that these two sites receive, using these sites properly and effectively for advertising the products is worth the money you pay for. In this article, we are going deep inside to know about Reddit and Facebook ads so that you can compare Reddit ads vs Facebook ads and find which one is for you. Keep reading.

What is Reddit?

With more than 230 million unique users, Reddit has become one of the most influential websites on the world wide web with thousands of viral topics. Beginning its journey in 2005, Reddit is now one of the top 10 largest websites in the US. When it comes to traffic, it generates around 8 billion page views a month. The forum it comes with is powerful and engaging. The users love the freedom the Reddit forum offers and that’s why they come back to contribute here.

What are Reddit Ads?

You may ask ‘how does Reddit make money?’ Well, advertising on Reddit is not free and that’s where the lion’s share of the revenue of Reddit comes from. Reddit ads are usually known as Promoted Posts. The promoted posts look like the same as the regular posting on this platform. One key difference that you will notice between the regular posts and the promoted posts (ads) is that the promoted posts come with a light blue background. On top of that, the ads are made distinctly visible with the “Promoted” label. Once you post your ads, you will see that at the top of listing pages and among other ads in a rotated form. However, you can also go for display ads if you wish.

Though Reddit is not yet as popular as Facebook for advertising, digital marketers like it due to the quality traffic it gets. However, let’s dive deep into Reddit ads to know how to run an ad on Reddit with the approximate cost you might need to spend if you are interested to advertise your products with Reddit.

How Do I Run An Ad On Reddit?

Posting a promoted post or ad on Reddit is incredibly simple. However, before proceeding to make the ad post, you have to make sure that you have made ready the following essentials:

  • An account on Reddit with your verified email. It is best if the email is associated with your business.
  • Ad copy that you want to use as a promoted post.
  • Required thumbnail images.
  • Video content (MP4 or MOV). If you are going to create a video ad, make sure that the video quality is very high.
  • Do-follow link for the destination you want to get your traffic to visit.
  • Trackers to count the clicks.
  • A valid debit or credit card.

Once all of the essentials mentioned above is ready, you can move to have your ads posted. Here are the steps you need to go to create your first ad on Reddit:

Setting Your Brand Identity: When you intend to advertise on Reddit, you have to fill a form up to create the branding atmosphere. This step includes providing the first name and last name of the business along with the username of the company. Once you complete this process, click on the ‘sign up’ button.

Choose The Goal Of The Ad Campaign: Choosing the objectives of the ad campaign is very important. The name of the campaign should be set in a way that sets your ad apart. To optimize the ad creation, you should choose the ad objective. On Reddit, you can make promoted posts for conversions, increase app installs, market your brand, get more views on your video, and lead traffic to your website.

Determine The Target Audience: You have to determine and set the ad group to reach the right people. If you fail to determine your target audience correctly, what is spend on an ad is a sheer waste of money.

Setting the Budget and Scheduling the Ad: Supporting auction-based advertising, Reddit lets you set your budget and schedule the duration you want to keep your ad posted. The bid in the auction follows as CPM, CPV, and CPC. However, which one is applicable for your ad depends on the type of ad you are going to post.

Do you know how much does it cost to advertise on Reddit? Well, for self-serving ads, it starts from as low as $5. You should set your budget thinking about the outcome you are going to get from the cost.

Create your Ad: This is the last stage for your ad creation. Here you will set the nature of the ad you want to place on Reddit. You can choose from text posts, link posts and video posts to attain the objective as per your requirement.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most effective kinds of ads you can ever find on the planet. Due to the vast amount of traffic Facebook gets, this is an ideal place to meet people from all walks of life. Be it promoting your products, increase the website traffic or getting more views on your YouTube videos, Facebook has no better alternative. 

How Long Does FB Take To Review My Ad?

There is no set limit for it. It may take as less as 5 minutes and as much as 5 days to get your ad posted on Facebook. Your ad will be kept in the review queue to be evaluated by the review team. Once they are satisfied with your ad, they will approve the ad. However, they will deny or reject your ad if they find something wrong with your ad.

Why Is Facebook Not Approving My Ads?

There can be a variety of reasons why Facebook might not approve of your ads. Here are a few of the issues that may lead Facebook to reject your ads:

  • Use of the “Facebook” term which is against the advertising policy.
  • Promotion of coin offerings.
  • Politically engineered or biased.
  • Image with too many texts in it.
  • It comes with unrealistic promises.
  • Not-working/unsupporting landing page.
  • A suggestion of something offensively sexual or adult.
  • Being a clickbait.
  • Other issues that go against the ad policy of Facebook.

However, if your Facebook ad is not approved for any of the reasons mentioned above, you can edit your ad and submit again or you can appeal to Facebook to rethink their decision.

Final Thoughts

From the topics discussed above, you can now make a distinction on Reddit ads vs Facebook ads It is your targeted audience that will determine whether Reddit or Facebook is better for you to promote your ad campaign. However, it is safe to set ad campaign on both the platforms quite easily. You can go for both if required.

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