How I Recover Gmail Account Without Backup Code

A very stressful moment is when you cannot log into your essential Gmail account. Forgetting the password or backup code of one’s Gmail account is usually natural. 

However, if someone faces the issue of being unable to log into their account or the account becomes frozen for any reason, they can recover the account. But you must enter the backup code of that Gmail account sent at the creation time. 

It won’t be a big issue if you forget the backup code or lose them, and Gmail account recovery without backup code is possible. You will have to follow some steps to recover your Gmail account without any backup code

How To Recover Gmail Account Without Backup Code

There are various ways to recover your Gmail account. But it will become complex if you do not know how to recover your Gmail account without backup code. 
However, following the steps carefully, Gmail account recovery without backup code is easy. Google is very strict about its privacy and security policy. Whenever someone creates an account on Google, it takes a couple of pieces of information about the user for safety purposes. And it becomes complicated to recover the lost account if the user forgets any given information.

4 Steps to Recover Your Gmail Account Without Backup Code

Here is the first method of how to recover a Gmail account without a backup code. This method works for those users who already logged their account on a device and now try to log into a new device but forget the password. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to recover or log back into your account:

  1. To recover your desired Gmail account, you must go to the Google account recovery page link. Now, write your Gmail account address which you want to recover. Hit the “Next” button if you write the Gmail address correctly.
Google Account Recovery Page

2. The password page will appear after tapping the “Next” button. Typically, you have to enter the Gmail account password here. But as we’re recovering our account, click on the “Try another way” button.

Click Try Another Way

3. A two-digit code will appear on this page if your account is already logged into any device. Remember the two-digit code. Check the device where the account is logged in, and you will find a confirmation notification. Go to the notification, and the same two-digit code will be there. You must click on that code and then press the “Yes, it’s me” button.

Verify this from your mobile

4. Now, the final part. After matching the digit, you will now be able to recover your Gmail account with a new password. Set a new strong password two times and click the “Save password” button to continue.

Change Password Page

Another Method To Recover Gmail Account Without Backup Code

Gmail recovery is easy if your account has a recovery phone number or another account. If your account is not logged into any devices, trying this method will help you to recover the Gmail account. Here is the step-by-step solution:

1. The first is precisely the same as the previous method. 

2. After entering the account address, click the “Try another way” button again. 

3. Choose the “Send verification code” option. 

4. A 6-digit verification code will be sent to the recovery phone number. 

5. Enter the 6-digit code, and you can set a new password to recover the account.

Recovering a Gmail account with recovery email is the same as the phone number method. You have to choose the “send verification on email” option and check that email to enter verification for recovery.


The above methods are the best way to recover Gmail account recovery without backup code at a glance. You can easily set a new password for your recovered account if you follow the steps correctly. Always remember to set a strong password to avoid any third-person’s interaction. 

You can also recover your account with these processes even if you forget the Gmail address. 

Sometimes Google deletes some accounts if they notice any suspicious activities. Also, if you are facing any complex problems, whether recovering an account or unable to do it, it is highly recommended to contact the Google community. Still if you face any issue don’t forget to contact us.

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