Get to know more about Google voice number

Get to know more about Google voice number

Are you a user of Google Voice Number (PVA)? Are you thinking to Buy Google Voice? It’s always better to know thoroughly about anything before you start using it. If you’re trying to establish and expand your business online, there are Google Voice Numbers Available for both your professional and personal use. Isn’t it such a waste of using phones if people can’t reach you when they need you? Well, it’s not going to happen with Google Voice.

What Is Google Voice?

Before you know How to Get Google Voice Number you should know about Google Voice. Google Voice is a free service of Google that provides you with local phone numbers for your personal as well as commercial use. But there are Google Voice Numbers Available for you only when you’re in the U.S. You can’t make calls via Google Voice numbers when you’re out of the U.S.

With Google Voice, you can call anyone or anyone can call you anytime anywhere. It can easily connect your customers with you directly. People can reach you no matter where you are. You can keep track of both your calls and your customers simultaneously.

Is Google Voice Number Free?

Is Google Voice Free? Isn’t it the first question arises in your mind even before you ask How to Get Google Voice Number? You can’t deny about it. Well, you can call for free with Google Voice.

If you’re a Gmail user, you can easily make or receive calls using Google Voice over the internet. Google Voice will use the VoIP to generate calls. But let me remind you that it’s free for calls only inside the U.S. and Canada. It’s going to charge you pennies per minute for international calls.

How To Port Or Transfer Your Google Voice Number?

Google Voice lets you transfer or port your number anytime. But it will set your original number into a state called Pending Deletion for 90 days as soon as you port in a new number. This state comes with an option to get back to your original number paying $20. If there’s no payment, after the 90 days period, your original number will be lost forever.

Google Voice gives you 3 ways to use your current number. Let’s check them out.

Google Voice Number with a Cell Phone Service

There are Google Voice Numbers Available for you and you can transfer your GV number to your cell phone service. You just need to unlock the number and inform the particular cell service provider. If the number was from a cell service previously, there’ll be no charge. Otherwise, unlocking a number will cost you $3.

Current Phone Number in Google Voice

You can transfer your current cell phone number from companies like AT&T or Verizon to your GV number. It will cost you $20. But if you move it after canceling Project Fi, it’s free. You can’t transfer some numbers including VoIP-based or internet-based numbers, landline, corporate, and some others.

Transfer Google Voice Number to Another Google Account

There are Google Voice Numbers Available that you can move to your different Google account anytime.

Some Common Problems with Google Voice & Their Solutions

Well, like other technologies there is Google Voice Numbers Available which can make you face some problems while using it. Let’s see what the common problems and their solutions are.

Can’t Find Google Voice Number Or Receiving the message “Press 1 to Accept call”?

Are you receiving the message “Press 1 to Accept Call” on a number that is not linked to your GV? If yes then you may also lose the call when this message arrives. Don’t panic. It happens when you have more than one Google account and one of your accounts has your number linked to GV. Just log out from all your Google account. Then find and log in to the linked account. When you can’t Find Google Voice Number, following the same procedure can help you get it.

Calling Own GV Number

There are Google Voice Numbers Available and when you call your own GV number from a landline, it will ring the forwarding numbers first by default such as mobile and Obi-attached phone. If you’re calling to your own GV from a mobile or Obi-attached phone, it will go directly to the voicemail box.

Reclaimed Google Voice Number

You won’t get your Google Voice Numbers Available if you don’t use them for a long time. And they’ll also be reclaimed. To get your number back, make at least one call or send a message from your GV number before the reclaim date. Otherwise, after reclaim date, you get 30 days to get back your GV number.

Buy Google Voice Number: Get started with Google Voice

Every single thing comes with problems. You can’t live with the fear of facing problems. Buy Google Voice Numbers Available with the best service from us. You just need a Google account and a U.S. phone number. Enjoy Google Voice service fearlessly and of course, beware of the scam.

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