How to use video in email 2020

No other marketing platform can exchange a few words as fast and successfully as video. So, if you desire to improve the conversation and brand awareness or want to educate the clients, use video in email marketing can make a ton of logic.

Therefore, just use a single speech video email subject line, you can increase the open rate.

Yes, sending videos in Gmail email or outlook email is still the best trick for marketers. And it’ll be a common tip in the future online market business.

In this, we try to cover before you how to use video in email marketing.

Let’s go over.

How to use video in email marketing

Autoplay video in email is a regular false impression to us. We think that the sent video will play simply inside the email.

But it is right that Gmail or outlook none doesn’t support the technology to autoplay video in outlook email. There have a few steps to embed youtube videos in email.

How do you embed a video in an Outlook email?

Embed video in email outlook? Following just the steps, you can embed video in email outlook. How?

  1. Press the ‘File.’
  2. Reach the ‘Options.’
  3. Choose your ‘Email app.’
  4. Under the ‘Compose message” and then tap “Signature.”
  5. Press right place where you need to embed the complete thumbnail image.
  6. Now tap on the ‘Add Image’ icon.
  7. Browse and discover your saved thumbnail on your PC and select the ‘Open’ button.
  8. Click right and select the ‘Image’ that embedded inside the signature.
  9. Choose the ‘Size’ button
  10. Depending on the requirement, change the height and press ‘OK.’
  11. Now click hyperlink icon
  12. Paste the link into the link address box for video.
  13. Then press ‘OK.’
  14. Now press the ‘OK’ button on the signature
  15. And then again, click ‘OK’ on the email.
  16. At last, send an email to yourself to test and ensure the thumbnail is displaying plus working correctly that you want.

How do you embed a video in a Gmail email?

Do you wish to embed video in email Gmail? Here a few steps have that will help you to embed video in email Gmail.

  1. Go to using your browser. Then log in using username and password if need and open the Gmail inbox.
  2. 2.  Click on the red button of ‘Compose’ that remain at the top-right side of the screen. Now a new page will open at the right sight with the new template.
  3. Type the email address that you need to send video on the ‘To’ box option. The address have to a Gmail address.
  4. Attach the video to your email, pressing the paperclip icon that you can find at the bottom.
  5. Select the video and press ‘Open.’
  6. Gmail includes a limitation on the video size. So, click on the Google Drive icon and choose video. After that, tap on ‘Insert.’
  7. If you would like to YouTube videos, copy the URL of the video and paste it in the email.
  8. Now go to the bottom-left corner and click the ‘Send’ button. And finally, you have sent the video to your desired address. When the recipient will open the email, will see it in the middle or bottom of the email.

How to embed YouTube video in apple mail

Embed YouTube video in email. Fording it need not take a long time. It is such a simple and easy job, and you will get more enjoy increasing your business using email marketing.

To embed YouTube video in an email, follow the HTML5 code.

<video poster=”path of the poster image” width=”100%” height=”50%” controls=”controls”>
<source src=”path of the video” type=”video/mp4″>
<a href=” path of the same video uploaded on youtube”>
<figure><figure><img src=”path of the video image” width=”100%” height=”50%” alt=”image instead of video”></figure></figure>

This latest version of HTML5 code will allow you to embed YouTube videos in Apple mail 4, 5, and also 6 with iPad mail or iPhone mail.

How do I send a link to a video in an email?

The below steps will need to help you to send a link to a video in an email.

1.  Set the video that you would like to share.

2.  Click the ‘Share’ button under your YouTube video.

3.  Click the “Share” type video URL link to embed and go to the email option. Press the “Email” from your share menu.

4.  Type the selected recipient address with the free email communication.

How do I email a video that is too large?

Many email customers don’t like to receive large size video email that maintains a limitation on the attachment size. So, let’s see how I can send a large video to someone?

  1. Open your Gmail account and log in using your username and password.
  2. Click on the compose
  3. Press the Google drive that will show with a triangle-shaped button.
  4. At the top and right corner of the drive will display the upload tab, and now you have to click on it. If your file or video already uploaded in the Google drive, you can skip this step.
  5. Tap selected file from your PC
  6. Select the video that you would like to share via email.
  7. Press the Upload button from the Drive window
  8. You need to wait to upload the file, and it may take a short or long time that actually depends on the file size.
  9. Once it’ll finish, and a “New Message” will show on the screen.
  10. Type the email address, subject, and text that will send to the recipient.
  11. At last, to send the email, click on the send button. Your video file also will post as a link from where the recipient has to download it to open.

Summing Up

Currently, every online marketer is active in upbeat trends in video email marketing. It also pays attention to viewers with marketers. For getting better marketing outcomes, you have to study the web and the user’s behavior that already have precious by video email marketing.

If you can follow the discussed strategy, you can learn how to use video in email marketing success that will help an excellent plan for your online business. 

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