How to use twitter for business with zero budget: Effective guidelines

Are you new in online marketing? Don’t know how to use social media like twitter to increase your business? Well, twitter is the best social platform for improving any marketing on the web. 330 billion people use twitter on an average. So, I think you can understand the amount of traffic on this media. Right now, Twitter has become an excellent tool in the sales and marketing world. It is effortless and easy to use for marketing purposes without spending any money.

Here, I am going to share with you all the necessary information regarding twitter from opening a professional business account to all the tips and tricks. And, that will help you as a beginner in raising your business successfully on Twitter.

Why you should use twitter?

Twitter is particularly popular among the more moneyed, and the college-educated person. So, if your business is targeting the wealthy or engaging with thought leaders in your industry or going to achieve your target market correctly, Twitter is something you can’t afford to ignore, and you will succeed for sure in that case.

There are two different ways on how to use twitter for your business purpose: –

1.As a messaging service to connect and communicate with friends and family as well as a news feed where you receive updates and news from people and places you choose.

2. As a marketing channel to grow your brand, audience, and generate leads and sales.

How to build a successful business account on twitter?

Firstly, I am going to guide you on how to build a successful business account on twitter following some particular rules. After that, I will mention some ways to make your account more professional and use it for business to get more twitter followers or visitors.

1.Target your purpose

Before signing up on twitter, what you have to do is fix your use of the business. The types of business you are going to do, whether it is for building a community or for marketing, you have to fix that with a creative mind. You also have to make up your mind to face the queries of the customers. You have to present yourself honestly with reasonable resources.

2. Keep username as short as possible

When you go for signing up on twitter, you have to put a short username. You can use the brand name of your business, but make sure to keep it short. So that customers can quickly go through your account. 

3.Create a Twitter profile:

After completing signing up with all the necessary information such as name, email, contact number, and so on, you have to maintain the following points to make your profile more professional. 

Twitter name and twitter handle:

Firstly, try to put the business name in the name section. The title should be according to your business. For example- if you are doing a business of cosmetics, your surname can be like best brand cosmetics. You can change the title by going to edit the profile on your Twitter account and make sure to put it within 15 characters.

Then comes twitter handle, which remains under your name profile, so make sure to put a business name here so that people can quickly get it and remind it.


A Twitter profile picture and cover photo: 

A profile is significant in the case of a business account. Because your followers will see that picture in the vast majority of the time. So, make sure to put a related business logo with a dimension of 400/400. 

In the same way, the cover photo carries the identity of your marketing. So, you can use pictures featuring products, graphics with texts that highlight your works and also your team. Your main target is to create an attractive header picture that expresses your business to the targeted people or followers accurately.

Twitter Description:

This section is also critical. Here, you have to present yourself with your targeted business purpose. So, try to keep the description within 160 characters with reach keyword and hashtags also because hashtags work better on twitter.

Upload related images and videos:

Ensure to upload at least six meaningful and attractive images or videos that represent your business correctly to make your business profile more eye-catchy to the visitors.

How to use twitter for business

Pinned tweet: 

It is also one of the most important tasks for a business profile. It helps you to get some extra from your twitter profile and effortless to do. First of all, after creating a tweet, go to that tweet then click on this  (^) option on the right side and you will find more options. Click over this more option and pin to your profile page and finally pin. Here are the images:

How to use twitter for business
How to use twitter for business

                        Step-1                                                                        Step-2

Theme color:

Another exciting stuff to do is to change your theme color. You can add your brand color here to make your profile more attractive. For that, go to edit profile and then scroll down, you will find the option theme color. Click and change the color according to your demand, then save changes.

Following these tips, I think you can be able to build a business account and make it highly professional.

4. Use twitter as a search engine:

You can use twitter as a search engine. Go to the twitter search bar and type some specific search phrases to find people speaking about similar interests or topics. It is effortless to do, and you don’t need to post or write anything for that.

5. Follow up the competitors:

Use Twitter to know what is your competitors are saying. If someone having a bad experience with your competitors, it helps you to build up a relationship with that customer who used to be a follower of your competitors.

6.Use Hashtags:

A hashtag is a symbol (#) that is used before a particular topic or keyword to get people on that topic quickly, which also helps a businessman to show more in the Twitter search. Hashtags help you to get more traffic quickly. Clicking on the hashtagged words in any message gives people a chance to go to other tweets that include that hashtags. 

If you tweet using hashtags with your business-related topic or keywords that help anyone to find your tweet easily through searching that hashtag. Try to use not more than two hashtags per tweet.

7. Look up conference hashtags: 

That works better in growing your business. As it seems to difficult to get through all industrial conferences, however, with social media or i-phone, you can participate in a discussion happening at a conference. By this, you can form a better relationship with people without having any trouble. 

Make a list of those conferences related to your business and follow the hashtags and create hashtag searches that you save to your timeline. Try to get involved in that conversation or meetings to get the attention of the people.

8. Make a list of the followers:

Please make a list of people that you follow because it helps you to take care of them properly. By creating records, you can order your interests. If you add someone to that list, he will be notified, and that helps you to get more followers.

Besides these, here I have provided you some more tips to give you ideas on how to get more traffics on your business websites using twitter. Let’s have a look.

Some more tips to follow

  • Follow people as more as you can to get more and more followers. Please choose the right tone for your business, whether casual or professionals, witty or severe. Maintaining a proper match between your brand and the sound is very important.
  • Always try to put your twitter ID on your website, email, and at the end of your content so that people can quickly get you.
  • Try to make your tweeter as attractive as possible. Let people know you more interestingly regarding your business.
  • Keep tweeting more and more, which helps to move your twitter faster. You can also rewrite your topic from different angles and retweet it. Tweet four or five times to maximize your chance of gaining tractions.

TweetDeck: The best tool for helping business on twitter

Now I would like to mention a tool that you can use for managing your social media and getting traffic in your business, and that is TweetDeck. 

 If you are using twitter for your business you need to look at TweetDeck that is different from all other social platforms. Especially if you need to manage both personal and business accounts or multiple business accounts together, this tool will work great for you.

You can download it from the google following that addresses Through visiting this site, you will get to know all the details about using it. 

Our service: Buy Twitter Accounts

What you can do with this?

  • Here you can organize your interest by columns.
  • Use lists to keep yourself organized on twitter and TweetDeck.
  • Easy to keep track of people who show you love, and you want to show them love back building engagement.
  • You can also schedule tweets on TweetDeck and set your time and date for tweets.
  • Add in multiple accounts. It is easy for meaningful dialogue, social listening, and smooth engagement.

Wrapping Up

From nowyou can grow your online market successfully using twitter following all the methods and techniques that are mentioned. Each of them is much effective and honestly, I have got so many followers and visitors on my website through twitter. Best wishes for your successful online business by using this amazing social media.

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