How to use LinkedIn to get a job

Many job seekers still do not know how to use LinkedIn to get a job in today’s world. Although unquestionably they are well-known about LinkedIn is the social networking professional platform. But what’s the point of this if they don’t maximize their knowledge of us? How to use LinkedIn to find a job?

Only copy and paste the other’s resume is not the correct way to find the right employee. A successful campaign such as making a strong profile, building targeted networks, or engaging connections is highly needed. Just remember, anything less will not help you to search for the job and garner the result you truly desire.

Believe it or not, nearly 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn social network area to find the right employee. So, how can you use LinkedIn to get a job? To solve this here, I will share some common questions answers mostly asked by job seekers. Also, you can consider this as some tips and tools to put yourself one step closer to get a new job-in fact, a new carrier.

How to use LinkedIn connections to get a job?

You may be surprised why I have given more attention to connections rather than making a profile first. I know creating a profile does not matter, but most people don’t know to make connections properly. But it’s highly recommended to reach the recruiters. Every job seeker should reinforce their connections with LinkedIn contracts. They should also be proactive with connecting people by sharing their business thoughts and personalized notes through content. In short, real conversation is highly needed to make genuine connections to people.

How to use LinkedIn networking to get a job?

After exposing your connections exponentially, your first target would be to build a strong network. And you have to be very professional to create a targeted network. In the beginning, you may feel awkward making connections with unknown people. But do you know you can create a strong relationship with an unknown person and even got a job opportunity if you can embrace the concept of connecting people through LinkedIn?

However, from where to start a LinkedIn campaign? Here are some connecting ideas which you can follow and grow up your network.

Connect with X and current colleagues:

It is the first you can do, and almost everyone did it. As your previous and current colleagues know about your performance, they can send your name as a referral to other company colleagues. It’s getting normal, and almost every LinkedIn user is doing the same nowadays.

Connect with the company peers:

Next, you can connect with the same occupation people with the other company. You can also connect with the senior and super senior people with the common occupation people. It will help you to get a bigger opportunity in another company after some years of work experience. In the same way, it will also provide great leads in your current working system.

Connect with target company influencers:

It is the most valuable part if you are interested in how to use LinkedIn to get a better job. Because mostly it offers better jobs if you do it in the right way. Here you can connect different influencers and decision-makers in well-renowned companies by proactive share stories, intelligent comments to the relevant profession. They will prefer you before the job gets advertised. In this way, you will get allies with those companies.

For this, you can use advanced search engine techniques. Pay attention to those keywords that will get noticed by the right people. By following this way, you can get a callback and rock the interview.

How to use your LinkedIn profile to get a job?

Now it’s very important to create a strong profile to reflect yourself in the LinkedIn campaign. Because it expresses the true value, you are going to deliver as an employee. Still, it’s the basic part of using LinkedIn. Here are a few tenets to structures your profile:

  • First, keep all your information up to date, from your name, photo, a current working place to your current skills and objectives.
  • Be comprehensive and don’t leave anything your job-related information especially. Remember, the recruiters are going to beef up your profile. So, use a perfect headline and give a suitable objective so that they can make sense.
  • Third, don’t forget to highlight your recent experience and accomplishments related to the occupation.
  • Last but not least, your profile is not your CV or resume. It shows your personality. So try to present everything so that it fits accordingly.

How to use the LinkedIn premium to get a job?

If you are not satisfied with all the free offers, LinkedIn produced there are premium versions available. Believe me or not, although it’s a little pricy this service will assist you in getting the job in a better way. Because through this service you will get to know about your competitors, who viewed your profile etc. most importantly you will become a “featured applicant” and will get most priority in the search list.

How to use LinkedIn InMail to get a job?

In the underpaid version, you can use InMails to list out all of your emails and phone numbers and send your summary directly to the hiring managers or recruiters. You can also send emails to the people you met in the interview and compliment their screening process. Here you will get a better offer to show up your personality and professionalism via, make sure you are accessible.

How do I use LinkedIn to get a new job?

Here are some pro tips for beginners:

  • Turn off your “Notify my network” function before complete the profile.
  • Stay active and maintain a visible presence.
  • Don’t share too much content if you are unemployed.
  • If you do any voluntary work, take a snap and share that.


If anyone asks how to use LinkedIn to get a job in 60 seconds or 1 minute, it may feel creasy. But I won’t say it’s impossible if you know to leverage LinkedIn at the right time. And I hope my post will encourage you to use LinkedIn to reach out to people in a more professional way.

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