How To Use Linkedin For Business Development: Strategies And Best Practices

LinkedIn is no more confined to helping professional networking and career development. It has gone beyond to serve as a powerful, up to date business development tool. Do you know how to use LinkedIn for business development? Well, It is nothing other than the right strategy and keen foresight that you need to use LinkedIn to reach your target audience and thus accelerate the growth of the business.

As LinkedIn is usually populated with educated and professional people, the rock-solid presence of your business or farm in this platform is essential. It will help you to align with the modern business concept that requires a lot of networking and digital marketing. Here in this post, we are going to discuss some best ways to use LinkedIn for business. Here you go:

Setting Up the Company Page for LinkedIn

If your question is like ‘how to use LinkedIn for business marketing’, here’s what you need to do: setting up the company or brand page on LinkedIn. To introduce your brand and let others know about your business type and activities, having a company page helps. On top of that, this company page can be used for circulating job opportunities. However, knowing about how to set up a business page on Linkedin is very important. Here are the steps you should follow to create your company page on LinkedIn:

  • Visit the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Portal and click on the ‘Create a Company Page’ button.
  • Provide the name of your business in the first gap and create a unique URL of your LinkedIn business page in the second gap. Note that this URL is not alterable. So, choose wisely.
  • Tick on the oath statement and then proceed to click ‘Create Page’.
  • Add cover image and logo along with creating the company description.
  • Add admins to run the page and publish the page for the public.
  • Optimize your page for the right keyword. While doing so, follow the LinkedIn Company Page best practices.

Make the Best Use of LinkedIn Groups

To attract people of different interests, LinkedIn is affluent with a wide variety of groups. It is beneficial for your business to find one or more groups (closely related to your business niche) and invest your time there. If you do not know how to promote your business on LinkedIn, mark this step as the beginning.

When it comes to getting more reach from the group, do not post on any group with the link of your products or business pages again and again. This will take you nowhere. What you need to do is to help others by suggesting, commenting and whatever way possible so that they become your followers simply for your empathy, care, and attendance to their needs.

You can also think of your own LinkedIn group(s)  to encourage other like-minded people to engage and get something fruitful for them. Promotional groups can also be created to let the existing users of your business know your latest offers. However, in that case, you have to be very specific when you choose the name of the group.

Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic and Get Conversion

LinkedIn can be regarded as a very powerful source of traffic for your website if you can employ it properly. You do not even need to spend a dime to do this. Just make sure that you know the ways properly. Traffic that comes to your website or homepage from LinkedIn helps you get more conversions at the end of the day. Here are some strategies that you can adopt to drive traffic to your website from LinkedIn:

  • If someone looks for a professional in LinkedIn and finds one of your team members there at the top, it increases the chance that the searcher might visit your website by the link your team members have in their contact info.
  • Participate and engage other members in the group discussions and suggest the links of your website if relevant.
  • Sharing the content of your website in the LinkedIn news feed will help to drive traffic. However, make sure that the content is well-written, informative, and relevant to the interest of your connections on LinkedIn.
  • Sponsored updates and PPC ads might also help you drive more traffic if you are interested to pay on LinkedIn for getting more conversion.

Valuable Content + Rich Media = Success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Posting strategy matters a lot. It is essential to post informative and fruitful articles for the followers of your business page. The posts you share should be related to your brand and expertise. Moreover, you can also post about the activities of your company and the achievements of your employees.

When you share content from your website, don’t just copy and paste the article link on the LinkedIn page. Add some keywords, hashtags and related information every time you share something on your company page.

No matter how much information your content comes with, if it looks prosaic and dull, you are not going to attract your targeted audience. Tex-only posts are not much appreciated by LinkedIn nowadays. Add Frames, Images, Videos, and other relevant rich media content so that the eyes of the readers get something engaging, catchy and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I create a company page on LinkedIn?

It is not very tough to create a Company Page on LinkedIn. Follow the steps given above and follow the best practices for the company pages, and you are done!

How often should you post on LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn encourages you to post at least one content on your Company page per week. However, though the frequency depends on other aspects like the types and activities of your company, it is better to update the followers frequently on what you are doing so that they do not forget your brand. Coming up with occasional offers and sharing the activities of your company help to keep your followers in touch.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn for business?

LinkedIn is a platform to find professional people from various fields of expertise and that’s why considered ideal to develop and promote the business. It has free and paid features for the business owners to get their targeted audience and ultimately reach the desired conversion.

Final Thoughts

If you can follow the guidelines shared above, you can grow your business, ensure business networking and attract more visitors to your website. We hope that you now know how to use LinkedIn for business development along with the best strategies and practices.

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