How to use Google Voice? Set up Google Voice Number by Yourself

Some of you might find Google voice hard to operate. But trust me, once you get started with it, you’ll not regret it! Google voice is similar to apps that you use daily. And the good thing is, they are customizable and offer more flexibility.

For using the Google Voice service, you’ll need to follow some procedures. Although these procedures are easy yet, some users find them difficult to operate.

But not anymore! This article is for people like you who want to know about how to use Google Voice. Later we’ll also discuss some of the benefits of Google voice. So read to the last…

Google Voice Service

Google voice is a telecommunication service from the founders of Google. It came into light in 2009. Google voice is a free-of-charge service that lets you connect numerous contact numbers into a single one.

With a Google Voice number, you can link your home, office, and personal contact number to it. So you can receive calls and texts that come to these devices on a single device.

  • Google voice numbers help you make phone calls and send text messages.
  • Google voice numbers can be used in androids, iPhones, and even computers or laptops.
  • Before using your google voice number, you need to link that number to your personal numbers.
  • For using Google voice service, firstly, you need to have a google account. And then sign in to that.
  • You’ll need no charge to make domestic calls in the US and Canada. You can even send complimentary messages in these locations. But requires a small charge to make international calls.

Setting Up Google Voice

As we already told you, you have to set up your Google Voice number before you start using its service. One of the best things about Google voice number is that it’s compatible with all types of devices and all operating systems.

How to use Google Voice on Computer

For setting up your Google Voice number on a computer, first, visit the Google Voice website.  Now click on “Get Google Voice.” If you have a google account, sign in with that.

  • After that, you’ll be asked to select a device on which you’ll be using this Google voice number. Mainly three options will be shown – android, iOS, and web. Click on the web to proceed to further procedures.
  • As per the procedure, you’ve to accept the terms and conditions of Google and click continue to advance.
  • Input your area or city code in the box. Google will

offer some recommendations of phone numbers based on your region. Select one number that you like.

  • Now it’s time to “verify.” Be very careful in that matter. Input the number that you want to connect the other numbers. After inputting, press on the “send code” option.
  • Google will then send you a “verification code.” Put that number into the website and click “verify.”
  • Then click “claim” after you’re done inputting your personal number.
  • There’ll be a pop-up of “finish” a couple of times. Click on that to finish the procedure.
  • Remember, you can add or connect more numbers to your Google voice numbers later. You can find this option in settings.
  • To link a new number, just follow the above steps from the beginning.
  • If you want to see all the linked numbers, go to the settings page and click on “calls.” You’ll see all the numbers as check-marked.

As you’ve already known how to use google voice on PC or computers, can you use Google Voice on iPhone?  The answer is yes. Google voice service supports on your android or apple devices.

How to use Google Voice on iPhone

To use google voice on your mobile or smartphone, you need to install an app at first.

  • Visit the apple store on your Apple device and search “Google Voice” in the search box. Downloading and installing the app is free. If you’re on your android phone, go to the play store and download the app from there.
  • Open the app on your phone after installing it. Log in with your Google account after that.
  • Click on “continue” to accept the terms and conditions.
  • And like before, input your area or city code. And then select a Google voice number.
  • Add a personal number. You’ll get an “OTP” in your text message. Use the OTP code to verify your number. And click on “claim” to connect the numbers to your google voice number.
  • Follow the instructions for finishing configuration. You can change a few factors by going to the settings menu. But this is optional.


What is Google Voice used for?

Google Voice offers a wide range of benefits to its users. Whether it’s for business or personal use, Google voice can come in handy for any user type.

In google voice service, there are no emergency call options. But still, you should look at the bright side of it.

Here are the top 10 reasons for which you should also use the Google Voice service-

  1. Connect multiple numbers with a single one
  2. Never miss any notification or call
  3. Free calls and texts in the US and Canada. Making international calls at a low price
  4. Call forwarding
  5. Make your calls and send messages from your PC or laptop. It also supports many extensions.
  6. Google Voice service offers voicemail transcriptions. It’ll receive calls and send the conversation in text formats to your inbox.
  7. You can block or restrict any user from reaching you.
  8. Maintain privacy by not using personal numbers everywhere.
  9. Set personalized greeting messages for a specific person or group
  10.  Customize calling hours to increase workflow and reduce distractions.

Final Verdict

Google Voice service had been like this from the very beginning. The features and benefits that it provides deserve much more limelight than this. Nowadays people are much more interested in this service than before. Now it’s time for you to “give it a go.”

We hope we’re able to enlighten you about how to use Google Voice and other related queries. So what’s your opinion about thegoogle voice service? Should you use it?

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