How to use Google voice for business

How to use Google voice for business

Google voice introduce in 2009 by the giant search engine company. It’s Google’s VOIP application. Recently, it has been available free in the United States. Though, the service has not changed since then. Google voice can give us an extra edge and make professional life much easier. So it can be useful to those who run small businesses. At least, it can change your life if you know how to use it.

While doing registration, you can choose a virtual number in any area code. You can use the virtual number for making calls over the Internet, send and receive messages, record voicemails. But it becomes beneficial when you attach it to the number related to your mobile or landing phone.

Google Voice can prompt calls directed at your virtual number to your local number, transcribe voicemails, record voicemails and share them with other contacts. It can block callers and apply separate rules for individual or group of callers, receive calls and text messages.

Below there are some picks for the ways you can use all these excellent features to make your business more proficient.

To Provide Answering Service:

If you Google Voice as an answering service you can avoid missed calls which directly affect the bottom line. Although, it’s a very popular service for businesses. The service includes insurance agencies, real state, financial advisory and ruined firms or any businesses for which missing a call means losing a sale or losing a client.
Google Voice wants to ensure the calls from the Web Traffic are answered or returned as quickly as possible. Google voice answers all the emails and calls of the voicemails to Fuze SEO’s sales staff, who can then fast return the call.

  • Using Different Area Code:

    While signing up for a Google Voice account, a user selects their new number from a vast range of area codes. Actually, the user does not need to choose the local area code.
  • For Texting (SMS) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Businesses often use text messaging by increasing frequency.  Google Voice users can receive and send text messages (SMS) by using their account.  They send it from the computer or any other apps that serve as frontends for messaging.
    The Google Voice account save all the text messages on the website in the search bar just like Gmail.
    The Google Voice phone number can be integrated with some business applications, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • For Privacy and Call Screening

    A Google voice user can hide their personal number from their business contacts. Business owners and employees can deal with business calls without revealing their personal numbers to the customer.
  • Instant Messaging and Video

    Google Voice was integrated with Google Hangouts in September 2014. Basically, Google Hangout is Google’s instant messaging and video calling for the client. Though it offers free voice calling with certain restrictions. Calls to some numbers may cost $0.01per 60 seconds charge.
  • Recording the Conversation

    By pressing 4, we can record during a Google Voice conversation. Also, you can log in into your Google Voice account from pc and in the dashboard section, you can download the file as mp3. So it’s an attractive feature.
  • Voicemail Message for a group of people or a specific person

    You can record or create custom voicemail messages for groups or individuals. You can send the message for your current clients or for the retailers. So if you run a product based business online, then it will be a great choice.
  • Keep the Life Balanced

    You can select your Google Voice number to ring only during a specific hour. It will be helpful if you don’t want to receive calls when you are on vacation or at night time. You will just receive calls during day office time if you scheduled.
  • Integrated Website Plugins or Widgets

    Every business has a website or social media presence. Therefore, you will have to use the additional services to provide call back options for your clients expected to see. So Google Voice comes with Mighty Call solution. It will also grow the additional features.


Overall, Google Voice is a very interesting option which provides a lot of offers. It often gives away different free services that other companies charge for. After all, we can say that Google voice helps a lot for businesses. Hopefully, soon it will be available in every country.

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