How to Set Up Free Google SMTP Server

Google’s SMTP server is a simple mail service transfer protocol that allows you to send email messages directly from Google App’s domains. Google SMTP Server helps you to send emails from various email clients by using your primary Gmail or domain. 

Using an SMTP server is not a challenging task or matter. You need to know how to set up free Google SMTP server. All you need is a Gmail account to have this fantastic feature.

However, the hard part is the SMTP Gmail configuration. But proper instruction can help you to do the part at a glance. It will be worth it if you buy Gmail account from a trusted place, as a trusted provider provides numerous profitable benefits. 

How to set up free Google SMTP ServerThe method of SMTP Gmail configuration is straightforward if you follow the step-by-step procedure. Before setting up the configuration, you must do two important things. First, you need to enable the two-step verification and then the application password.

How to Activate Two-step Verification

Go through the steps below to enable the two-step verification:

1. Go to My Google Account first.

My google account

2. Click on “Security” from the left panel bar.

Security Option

3. Now click on the two-step verification to start the process.

Two step verification

4. Click get started and enter the password of your Gmail account. 

Click get started

5. After entering the Gmail password, hit enter. A notification will come to your phone, and you have to tap on the turn on to activate two-step verification. 

You have successfully done the first process of your SMTP Gmail configuration. Now, the 2nd process is to generate the App password. 

1. again, go to the My Google Account page. 

2. Go to the security page and see the “App passwords” option under the “Two-step verification.” 

3. Click on that and enter your Gmail password again. 

4. Now, select your App from the suggested list or write the name of your custom App and click “generate.”

5. An App password will hover on the screen and copy the password instantly. Remember, this password won’t appear again anywhere. So don’t forget to paste it on the notepad or somewhere else.

How to Test SMTP Setup

Everything is done perfectly. Now time to test your SMTP Gmail service. With a good online tool, you can quickly check that. Let’s find out how to test Google SMTP Gmail mailing: 

1. Go to SMTP online tool to test it.

2. Type in the first box named “SMTP server.”

3. Enter the port code in the “Port Box.” The Port code will be 465 for SSL and 578 for TLS

4. Enter your Gmail address in the “Username” section. 

5. Maximum people mistake entering the Gmail password on the “Password” box. Here you have to enter the generated App password, which we have copied before. 

6. Type your Gmail address twice in the Sender and receiver Gmail address box. 

7. Hit the “Test it” button to test whether your SMTP setup is all ok or not. 

If everything goes well, a message will send to your entered Gmail address. Check your email inbox to confirm if the test was successful or not.

Gmail Inbox


Google offers a free SMTP server to all its users. Google’s free mail transfer service has various benefits. It’s up to you how you will take advantage of this mailing transfer service. 

With the help of SMTP, you can manage multiple device emails easily. Work with Google Workplace and ensure maximum security with premium services. 

Every difficult or complex matter becomes more accessible if proper instruction arrives. Follow the steps above and set up your free Google SMPT server without difficulties.

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