How To Secure Gmail Account

10 best ways how to secure Gmail account from hackers

Gmail is the most significant mailing network. Every people who are working on online have an email account to send or receive emails. Most of them believe that their emails are safe. They have no idea that their email can be hacked and any data or important information can be stolen by hackers.

Some of us store much significant information in our mail account. Imagine if any hackers hack your password, they can steal your address, important attachment, secretive conversations, even they can access to your Facebook, Amazon, and so much more accounts that you have.

However, consider this problem; you just need to know how to secure Gmail account from hackers. In this post, we try to inform you about some essential tips to protect Gmail account.

However, consider this problem; you just need to know how to secure Gmail account from hackers. In this post, we try to inform you about some essential tips to protect Gmail account.

10 top tips to protect Gmail account from hackers

Let’s know how to secure Gmail account with a mobile number. Try to follow the tips and tricks from the below which can help you to know Gmail security settings.

1.Make a complex password:

Many people create a simple password for their Gmail account. They do it to remember and use it quickly. But it is a bad idea. If you want to avoid hacking your Gmail account, you must make a complex password such as you can use the number, trace, or capital or small letter together. Try to make a long and strong password and save it to your personal notepad.

2.Change your password:

When you confirm that your Gmail has hacked by a hacker, you must change your password. Even you can change it after a few days later to secure Gmail account. When you suspect, or sure your Gmail account may be the hack, change your previous password.

3.Google 2nd step verification:

This is the most significant step while you create a Gmail account. Many people try to skip it after fill up the 1st step. But this 2nd step is very important to secure Gmail account. So, always keep in mind without Google 2nd step for verification you can’t save your Gmail account from hackers.

4.Update your Gmail account:

Try to update your Gmail setting after a few days. This increases the Gmail security settings and saves your Gmail from any disaster. Plus you have to set up Gmail security alert so you can know any trouble.

5.Try to avoid spam:

Spam can increase the risk of hacking of your Gmail account. So, always try to avoid spam. Some email contains a few subject lines such as get back to me, or your order has been shipped. If you want to save your Gmail account, you need a unique account and don’t open an unknown email.

6.Update your mobile number:

By updating your mobile number which used for Gmail account, you can protect your Gmail account. When you update your mobile number, Google sends you a security code on your number. You should verify it as soon as possible.

7. Delete suspected filters:

Hacker tries to add a filter on victims account, and for this, they send email in his account. So, if you suspect any filters which added newly on your account, delete it hurry.

8.Check forwarding & POP/IMAP:

Forwarding & POP/ IMAP. This is very important to secure your Gmail account. POP or IMAP is the incoming mail. So, check the POP or IMAP is very significant. Always check any foreign unknown Gmail forwarding address keep on your account. If you see like such mail, delete it quickly.


If you get such a mail which asks you about your personal information like a bank account, credit card, and so on, you don’t know them. So, give a report to Google about it immediately. You should be aware of it every time and try to check any email that can hamper your account. You can set up Gmail security checkup to check it all the time.

10.Use virus scan features:

When you think how to secure your Gmail account, we suggest you use virus scan. Google contains virus scan features for incoming or outgoing Gmail. Must try to use it and it saves for your Gmail. If you get any unexpected attachment on your Gmail account, don’t open it anytime. It can be a risk for your account. As soon as possible delete it or avoid it to save your Gmail account

Final thought:

After presenting the following simple tips, we think now you are learning many essential objects about Gmail account unknown to you. If you are the beginner email user, you can ask how to save Gmail from hackers or which step should know to save your account? We recommended you follow the instructions and they can be very important for you. So, always try to follow the tricks and keep save your Gmail account all the time.

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