How to protect my Facebook account

How to protect my Facebook account:

Do you want to know How protect your Facebook account? In today’s generation where social media has become a huge part of our daily life, this is a frequently asked question. Nowadays we do all sorts of things with our Facebook, posting pictures, chatting with friends and family and sometimes even important business dealings.

So when your Facebook becomes so integral to your personal and daily life, protecting your account from potential hackers, becomes your utmost priority. In this time of age, hackers have adapted to modern security so well that protecting our accounts with stronger security has become a necessity.

Keeping all these in mind we are going to give some in-depth suggestions or information that can help you in keeping your Facebook account safe and secure from any potential hackers out there.

How to protect my Facebook account?

How to protect my Facebook account

Well, the first thing you should do to protect Facebook accounts is to set up a strong password. This is the foundation for preventing your account from being hacked. Setting up a password is easy, just go to settings, then click on general and, you will find the option named “password” just click on it and you are set to go.

To make sure you have a strong password in place understand that it should be unique. Give a password that includes a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Also, do not make use of the same password in other accounts of yours. This way you can keep your account more secure.

The second thing you need to do is connect your mobile number to your Facebook account. This step is very vital especially in cases when you lose your phone or forget to logout from your Facebook account from a friend’s or colleague’s computer. This can also ensure to keep potential hackers at bay.

Recovering a password that you do not remember is also possible through this process. To connect your mobile number to your Facebook account you need to get the settings and then mobile.

From there on click add a phone. Once clicked, you are ready to connect your mobile number to your Facebook account.

From there on you will be asked to select your country and mobile carrier. Once you provide the correct information, Facebook will send you an SMS. In that SMS you will get a verification code that you have to fill up in the following column. Once verified your phone number will be connected to your Facebook account enhancing its security in the process.

How to stop Facebook account from getting hacked?

There are many of you whose Facebook account keeps on getting hacked despite enhancing the security of your account. One of the most basic steps you can take to prevent this from happening is activated secure browsing.

By enabling this option you automatically restrict any outside applications that are compatible with Facebook, doing any damage or collecting your personal information without your consent.

For enabling this option simply go to the accounts settings and then from the left menu click on security.

​Now you will see a section called “secure browsing” just slightly to its right you will get the option to edit it, so click on it. Once inside just check the box which says Browse Facebook on a secure connection and select save changes and you are secured.

• Protect Facebook account.

Protecting Facebook account is a major issue in social media. We don’t want others to have access to our personal information. To protect the Facebook account there is a lot of ways to perform that. If you want to secure your account from all the hackers then follow instructions properly and carefully.

First, we have to be very careful about sharing our password anywhere else online and sharing with a verity of people. The first mistake we make about choosing a password is using a common name related to us or any common words which might be easy to guess. So we should be extra careful about that before putting a password.

• Facebook secure account problem

We often hear problems related to Facebook security and there is a solution to it. If you want to recover your Facebook then go to and follow the proper instructions. Make sure to request a recovery from a device where you were logged in earlier.

Make extra sure of logging out from previously used to log into your Facebook account. It might not be safe to be logged in other devices that you don’t use. Sometimes login problems might occur for internet problems so make sure you have internet before you try to log in to your Facebook account.

• Let’s secure your Facebook account.

The first step to secure a Facebook account is to secure a Facebook strong password. Never share your login information with any other. Hackers may send you some links which are scams avoid those links completely. If you see any suspicious links just report it.

The second important thing to secure your Facebook account is not to accept unknown people’s friend requests. Anyone can be scammers so be aware of it.  While you are away from your phone put a login alert attached to your Facebook which no one can access your Facebook without your awareness?


In the end, it’s all on us how to take care of our privacy. The more we will be careful will our social media the more it will be a safe place for us. Fewer people know about your information the more it’s beneficial for you. Remember to avoid any kind of scams. Following each instruction would be much easier to maintain our Facebook account. Be careful to post your posts just with your friends who are safe. People might track you by your Facebook posts or by other sources so it is important to know who are you sharing your information.

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