How to introduce your business on Instagram

Want to introduce your business on Instagram but not sure about the startup? Don’t worry, Instagram is pretty convenient for business owners. Whether you are about to launch your business or side business you can easily use Instagram for business.

Instagram is a platform that can build a large community within a very short time. Though Facebook is considered as same Instagram is far better for specific audiences. The most alluring part of Instagram for business is that it does not require significant financial risk. It especially works for those whose target audiences are trafficking on Instagram.

First Instagram post for business:

Taking the initiative is an important part of the business and especially when it comes to introducing your business to the mass. Before doing the first Instagram post for business every business owner should spend a little time to prepare themselves.

So how can you prepare your concept before posting the first post for business?

Well, at first you need to arrange your profile well for that. Wondering why you need to do that? It is simply because of your first impression matters. When you will post the very first post on your Instagram for the business you are inviting everyone to your account.  

Everyone will start to judge your business from the very first time and so your welcoming post should be well-matched with your account. So before posting for the first time, consider these following things.

A good profile photo: Before introducing your business on Instagram you should select a good profile photo. Your profile photo will tell a lot about your business and your concept. It should be unique and well-matched with your business.  

Interacting: before posting for the first time you should spend some time interacting with those who might be interested in your business. It doesn’t matter if you have no follower at all. Simply spend some time on your competitors’ profile and your business-related posts so that you can easily find the perfect audiences. Interacting will help you a lot and will increase your followers.

Finding appropriate hashtags: well, you need appropriate hashtags for your post right? Do you know that hashtags attract the audiences? There are plenty of hashtags that didn’t work for others. So you should find which one worked like magic and which ones got less attention from people.

To find the appropriate hashtags for your content enter a seed word in the search option and select ‘tags’ to find the most recent posts and yes don’t just sit there looking at those posts rather start interacting!

What should my first Instagram post be about business:

How to introduce your business on Instagram

Well, now you can think of your first post. The first post should be about introducing your business to the world. You can either post a photo or a video to introduce your concept. The photo or the video should directly refer to your brand so that the audiences can know your effort.

The best idea for the first post is to trigger the audience for a call to action. That means they immediately would be eager to know more about your brand. The photo or the video should be eye catchy so that when the audiences do scroll down they would be triggered to stop and see the post carefully.

Remember that people would more likely to see the photo or the video first and then will read the caption. Your caption does not have less importance and so you also need to think carefully about the caption.

The caption should also introduce your business and should be aligned with your photo or video. The combination of the caption and your photo/ video is really important.  

Instagram bios for business:

Instagram bios for business is really important to grab the new followers. Your posts may reach a lot of people, but who has time to scroll down your profile to know you have things he/she needs?

So you need to create a well-organized bio to let them know about your business. As you can’t write more than 150 words on your bio, you need to avoid unnecessary information to be precise and to the point. Just think what the audiences may want to know and ask yourself these following question from the audiences’ point of view.

  • What is this business about?
  • Why follow it?
  • Is it unique and special?
  • Is it better than other brands?

While writing your bio for business keep these questions in your mind and tactfully answer these questions with an excellent presentation so that the visitors would follow you. as a starter, you can’t post everything at once and so your bio will help your audiences to know what you have for them.

Who should a business follow on Instagram:

Well, that’s an important thing to ponder on. If you want to establish your brand name you have to be selective while the following anyone. You should not follow back everyone. Rather be selective and follow your community.

You can follow 7500 accounts regardless of your ratio and so you should engage with those who have similar interests. You should follow similar brands and interact with people as they have the same interests.

If you follow those who have similar interests and interact with them properly, there is a chance to get more followers without advertising your brand. Your taste and concept can attract more followers than any promotion.

This strategy will help you direct the appropriate followers on your account. Otherwise, you will end up following spammy accounts that can harm your business and obviously your followers.

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Instagram is a large platform to use for business. You can easily promote and make a mark on your field through this. Using Instagram for business is easy as you don’t have many financial risks but it can be a failure if you are not engaging with your audiences properly.

A well-organized schedule and regular feedback can win you a lot of appropriate followers and thus your business will run smoothly.

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