How to enable pop and SMTP in yahoo mail

Are you a Yahoo Email user? If, yes. You are the right place now and this article is for you. We know Gmail always permit us to use it to contact with our clients via POP or IMAP and SMTP and it is free. Now Yahoo! Email has started a few new services such as to send, receive, organize plus vary interact with your mail message. It is good news that this service was paid and now it is free for all.

However, this free service, of course, helps you to enrich your small business because it permits you to use unlimited web interface so you can contact with much more client at a time. Plus, the main attraction of this Yahoo mail service is that you can send all the mail within a single application to your desired clients in a second without using multiple clients or apps again and again.

If you are ready to use Yahoo email, you must set up this application. For this, you need to know Yahoo POP and SMTP setting.

In this article, we try to inform you about your mail pop setting and use of them which help you to increase your client and enrich your business.

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for Yahoo mail service?

The incoming and outgoing mail server for Yahoo is mainly referred to SMTP and POP 3 version or IMAP. Now, you can ask, what is my SMTP server for yahoo mail? SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a new design of Yahoo email which is a standard used only to sending or outgoing email. On the contrary, POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3is a standard used for receiving or incoming email. It is also known as IMAP which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.

Yahoo mail settings for outlook

How to configure yahoo mail in outlook 2007? Try to set up your all email account eligible for SMTP, POP, or IMAP access without changing your account. If you want that POP or SMTP work will, you should particularly go in and enable them. You just can enable them and it is a simple task which takes your only a few minutes.

At first, open outlook then clicks on the file and add account button. On the next screen, you can see that Email address and then click on Manual Setup. After doing all this you can set up SMTP or POP server. Here we describe how to configure POP3 or IMAP for Yahoo and the full instruction which helps you to set up the server easily.

SMTP Server Setting for Yahoo

Before using Yahoo mail service you must set them properly. You need to set them in the setting section to receive from the client’s interface. In the below, we try to give full instruction of setting this server.

  • SMTP server address:
  • Username: your full Yahoo email address with including
  • Password: Yahoo mail password.
  • SMTP port: 465 or 587.
  • TLS/SSL: yes.

If you follow the setting you can use it with every device such as desktop, mobile, laptop, and webmail services. After setting it your Yahoo folders show in both sites with your favorite app or web interface like email.

Limitations for SMTP:

There have a few limitations for SMTP in yahoo mail. They are not very serious but it is a bound to send email in a day. You just can send 500 emails per day and each message can send to 100 addresses. This limitation is to prevent a lot of spammers from blockage up its servers.

What is POP setting in yahoo mail?

For receiving the email, you must need setting POP or IMAP server. They are not very different from the SMTP server setting. In the below, we inform you, how to enable pop in yahoo mail.

POP version-3 server setting:

  1. Username: your complete Yahoo! Mail address such as or
  2. Password for pop server: Yahoo mail password.
  3. Server address:
  4. POP Port: 995
  5. SSL/TLS: yes.

IMAP server setting:

  1. Username: your full Yahoo email address with including
  2. Password for IMAP server: Yahoo mail password.
  3. Server address:
  4. IMAP port: 993
  5. SSL/TLS: Yes.

When a question arises in your mind like how do I enable POP access in Yahoo Mail? It is important to set up the server at first. If you ensure the setting, you can enjoy the advance setting. When you can set correctly, you will obtain all the emails from your Yahoo! Mail and also enable to access POP in Yahoo mail offline on your desktop.

How to fix the server problem

After setting incoming or outgoing server, you will face a few problems such as Yahoo SMTP server not working or yahoo IMAP not working. After configuring, you can feel such problems you need to follow some tips. Go through the below instruction carefully to fix them quickly.

  • Check the protocol and all data which is not distorted on the hard disk. You should delete the app after that reload it again.
  • Sometimes the antivirus plus other protocols features can block the ports which make problem to connect the server. In this case, unblock the ports and then attach the internet service supplier.
  • Most of the time old version of POP or IMAP creates server problems. For this, you just need to upload a new version.
  • After successfully verifying, if you fall in any big problem you have to connect with an expert technician who can guide you properly to fix your all troubles.


Thanks for reading this article at the end. We hope that from this article, you can set up your Yahoo! Mail service and Yahoo business mail pop settings. Now you are able to improve your small business and can send mail to your more clients at a time and in a short period. It is a very good sign for a business person. If you face any server problem you can follow our tips or attach with any expert technicians.

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