How to Create Hotmail Account

Get Idea about The Hotmail Create Account Procedure: Know How To Reset Password and Recover the Account:

Have you ever used Hotmail? Are you familiar with it?

Hotmail is a Microsoft product. It’s a user-friendly, free and mind-blowing web-based email service from Microsoft. Thousands of people have gone through the Hotmail Create Account procedure and are enjoying it with any devices that have internet access. 

Hotmail uses HTML format and that’s why it’s more than just simple texts. It allows images, videos, animated button or icons, and even hyperlinks along with a huge space of free storage. Hotmail is one of the famous email services around the world. It has a vast number of users worldwide.

So, be a user of Hotmail. Know the Hotmail Create Account systems to be the owner of a Hotmail account here.

Go Through The Following Hotmail Create Account Steps:

Want to create a Hotmail account? Don’t worry. It’s very simple. Just some simple Hotmail Create Account steps and there you are. You can create a Hotmail account so easily without facing any problem. So, just go through them and let’s check what the initiatives are.

  1. Open a browser you prefer and go to the Hotmail Create Account page.
  2. On the right side of the page, you will get a “Create Account” button, hit on it.
  3. Type a new email name in the required field and create an email address for the Hotmail account.
  4. Make sure that your email address is unique. Otherwise, Hotmail won’t accept it.
  5. Try a combination of letters, symbols or numbers that you can easily remember.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select “”.
  7. Now create a strong password that contains 6 to 16 characters using letters, numbers, or symbols. Try using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. It will prevent hackers to get easy access to your password.
  8. Now put your personal information as required.
  9. Enter your name. Click on Next button.
  10. Select a country or a region you stay.
  11. Fill up the section “Birthdate” and hit on the Next button.
  12. After that, enter your mobile number you’re currently using.
  13. Now it’s time for verification. Select the option called “Send code”.
  14. Complete the verification using either a visual code or a dictated audio file.
  15. Complete the Hotmail Create Account procedure by clicking on the Next button.

Congratulations! After successfully completing all the above steps, you’re now an official user of Hotmail. Now you can login to you Hotmail account and have a tour.

Hotmail Create-BestQualityPvas

How to Recover Hotmail Account Password without the Security Question:

Forgetting a password is just a normal case. We often forget our passwords. That’s why there are different options to reset a password or login to your Hotmail account. One of the options is answering a security question.

But what if you forgot the answer? If you can forget the password, it can happen that you forgot the answer to the security question too. Now How to Recover Hotmail Account Password? Check another option and the required steps to Recover Hotmail Account password.

  1. Simply go to the Hotmail Login page and enter your email address in the required field.
  2. Now when it’s time to enter your password, instead of submitting the password just hit on the “Forgot your password?” button right below the password field.
  3. Hotmail will move you to a new page.
  4. Re-type your Hotmail address in the required space.
  5. Now it’s time for CAPTCHA verification. Enter the visual case-insensitive characters in the required field you see in the given picture.
  6. Now hit on the “Continue” button and move to a new page.
  7. Choose a way to Recover Hotmail Account password. Go with a recovery email address that is available right now.
  8. Then just click on the respective button and request Hotmail to send you instructions to reset the password.
  9. When you got the recovery mail just check the instructions Hotmail sent you to the given recovery email address and proceed with it.
  10. Now create account password again. Enter and reenter it in the respective fields and confirm the new password. Submit it.

Well, now you have reset your password. You should remember the new one or save it to some safe place where only you can get access. So that next time you don’t need to recover your Hotmail account.

You can recover your account whenever you forgot your password. That’s okay. But for the security purpose, it’s always better to keep changing password regularly after an appropriate time of period.

Final Words:

Now you know the Hotmail Create Account techniques and also the way to change or reset a forgotten password. So, what are you waiting for? Create Hotmail accounts and enjoy one of the best email services in the whole world.

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