How much to charge for social media management

Are you a small business owner and need help managing your social media? Do you want to know how much to charge for social media management? Or how much the average person pays for this service? 

If you’re like most of us, you may be knowing social media has become an integral part of your life and business. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we all spend hours scrolling through our feeds every day. 

However, not everyone is so brilliant and hard worker to manage their own account business. For these people, they may hire someone else who can do it for them- typically referred to as a Social Media Manager (or SMM). 

Nowadays, many different types of Social Media Managers offer services from posting to brand marketing everything they can do. So, it’s worth hiring an expert for social media management. You will surprise how much you can save by hiring someone with the expertise to manage your social media business.

This guide will teach you everything from what to look for in hiring a social media manager.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Most social media business owners don’t realize that social media is a job. It takes time and effort to grow. It requires someone to be on the ball all day long, monitoring what’s going on in their industry or niche and responding to comments as soon as they come up. Also, participating in discussions with other users so you can show your business expertise.

Because hiring a professional means that you can focus on running your business instead of spending time managing your online presence, and, since they are experts in this field, they will have better results than if you were doing it yourself. So, if you hire a social media marketing manager, there should be some fee associated with it. If not, then who do you think has been working those hours?

But the cost depends on the experience level and work variety. Exactly it’s difficult to say, but obviously, there is a social media management pricing packages. Before hiring, any business owner can follow that and get to know how much to charge for social media management monthly.

How much should I pay someone to manage my social media?

If you are a newbie business owner or self-employed, it can be hard to find reasonable charging for social media. It needs confidence, experiment, and experience to select the right amount.

If you are in the first stage of your business, you can move for hourly basics strategy for the first 3-6 months. Once upon established and comfortable with your business, you can think about their pricing package system.

Usually, there are three types of packages available for social media management.

  • Hourly basics
  • Monthly basics
  • Flat project rate

If you think for hourly basics payment, you can start with approximately $30-$40 per hour. Calculate it for a month if you want to make them work for at least 10 hours per month.

How much is social media management per month?

Hourly sometimes becomes hard to scale as you are confused with the rates. Instead, you can choose the monthly basics package, which is also popular. Because the benefits of the monthly basics package are:

  • You will get regular updates. 
  • You will be well known what to expect from the manager.
  • It will help you to fulfill your requirements and meet different needs.
  • It will be easier to scale the business and helps you to move towards the next steps.

Although you may face some problems like it may not fit your preset boxes, you will mostly get positive outweighs. 

The other package is a flat project rate where the social media manager makes all around project rate. It is comprising of all hourly rate and works estimated and finally provide a simple flat pricing quote.

Truly this won’t give the best output in social media management. Mostly hourly and monthly rates are best suited for the social media business.

How much is a social media manager paid?

At the entry-level, the salary of social media manager would be approximately $60,000 per year if you count $30 per hour. This rate is going in the USA and the UK. In terms of the monthly salary range, the entry-level salary ranges from $30,000-$35,000 per year with 10% top. It means $10000 per year.

It may differ according to the experience level. According to the US, data salary increases with the increase of experience. It’s in the following:

  • Entry-level- (0-5 years) $40,000
  • Mid-level-(5-10 years) $55,000
  • Experienced level- (10-20 years) $62,000
  • Advanced experienced level (above 20 years) $69,000

With experience, you also need to calculate the place, country, location in order to calculate how much is a social media manager paid

Freelance social media manager rates:

Social media freelance rate differs according to the project and clients. Usually, the job advertised ranges from $15-$20 per hour and go up to $250 per day. Again it’s for beginner level. For intermediate and advanced levels, the hourly charge may be $200-$250 according to the size of the account. On Upwork, a US-based social media specialist shows that the rates range from $500-$10,000 depending on the freelance experience (Intermediate, advanced) level. 

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For a successful online business, social media strategy must need. Without a solid strategy, all shares and like won’t run to make the revenue, right? It also helps to answer the people’s necessary questions to establish business marketing.

So, you also need to spend wisely on the right platform to generate more revenue throughout the business. From this article, I assume you have understood how much to charge for social media management because it reflects your brand and helps to promote more revenue in business.

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