How does social media affect our lives?

With the raise of social networking social media has become very popular to all classes of people. It seems like every day, we hear about another person fired for posting on social media or getting into an argument on Twitter. Overall it has become an integral component in our daily lives.

But a question arises how does social media affect our lives? Many studies try to answer this question, but the opinions of each individuals are different. The main reason behind this is how social media affects our lives both positively and negatively?

This article explores social media’s positive and negative effects on our mental health, relationships, careers, and more. It also offers tips for using social media responsibly so you can enjoy its benefits without becoming too dependent on it.

How social media affects our lives?

Nowadays, the number of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) using people is increasing ridiculously, including men, women, young people even old people. All like to spend their time looking at favorite things on social media and like to entertain themselves too much.

That’s why the impact of social media on people is much difficult to explain. Because we believe nothing can replace real-world human interaction. Person-to-person communication always triggers human life and alleviates stress, tension, anxiety instantly. So, we can say physical communication plays a vital role in making one’s life happier, healthier.

On the other hand, people started to believe in virtual world communication because of extreme time limitations in their life. Although they will not enjoy face-to-face interaction, social media communication also helps them tag together and support their wellbeing.

 Hence this is all about the positive impact of social media. As social media concepts are designed to stay connected, what will happen if a person spends too much time or becomes addicted? Will it help him or become social or become lonely and even isolated from society? And conceptionally, these are all the negative impacts of social media. So, we can say the effects of social media mix both with positive impacts and negative impacts.

How has social media affected us? 

Here we will explain some benefits and demerits of social media in our everyday life.

How social media affects our lives positively?

  • Social media enables you to stay connected with friends and families around the world.
  • It’s a valuable source to learn anything quickly and discover new ideas in the shortest possible time.
  • It helps to show creativity and learn self-expression without anyone’s help.
  • The network is limitless in this media. You can make friends from anywhere in words and share your idea, thoughts, invention, etc. 
  • It helps to pass through your emotional matters within a minute.

The negative impact of social media on youth:

  • It increases the risk of loneness, anxiety, self-harm even suicidal thoughts.
  • It can make an inadequacy life by having others envy appearance.
  • Ridiculously people can fall into fear of missing out (FOMO) syndrome. Especially if he/she give more priority to social media, there is a chance they can miss out on real-world relationship enjoyment.
  • Isolation is the casual negative impact of using social media. As people always keep themselves busy doing texting, chatting they become isolated from the family person.
  • As a result, anxiety and depression increases among them and ruins their life.
  • The other thing is cyberbullying, and nearly 10% of people face this problem due to lies, rumors, and showing emotional scars.

How does social media affect your mental health?

So, it’s very clear that people’s mental health is affected by social media. Depending on who you are and how you will use social media potentially makes you happy or more isolated.

We believe everyone is different and has a different perception of life. Suppose you post something on social media and frequently check for updates. It indicates you are using an unhealthy way. On the other hand, if you checked within some hours and feel good mood and motivated, it means you are using it to make yourself happier.

So, your mental health depends on social media posts directly. So, to increase  mental stamina, you can utilize social media to make real friends and share your thoughts, ideas, lifestyle so that they become motivated.

Don’t compare yourself with others and find out a good healthy relationship with other friends. Don’t be distracted from your work, and always give yourself time so that you can see self-reflection. These are some of the mental medicine you can achieve from social media and make yourself cool, cheer up always.

Unfortunately, social media affecting mental health instead of well-being. People are getting sleeping problems because of being awake till midnight. Some are also experiencing cyberbullying and distract society. 

Anxiety and depression are increasing day by day as they boost negative feelings and thoughts inside, which is harmful to the mind and body.

In what way does the media affect your life (personal, professional, academic, social, or others)?

As per my concern, social media affects every single step in life. From personal to professional to social, it works as a major platform to understand people and communication with them. 

Also, it’s entertaining for me to scroll through a lot of photos, memes, life updates. Sometimes it helps to change my mind about the act we think and do and creates more and more opportunities to mix with people.


Social media has become a huge part of our daily life without any confusion. We use it for work, entertainment and stay in touch with almost everyone. Is it all good, or is there some potential harm we should be aware of? Or how does social media affect our lives? The straightforward answer is it depends on your mentality. Although we have discussed how social media affects our lives negatively, by avoiding those pitfalls, we can live a happier life in cyberspace.

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