How does Google voice work?

Google voice is one kind of voice over IP service of the company’s and it was established in 2009. The aim of this service is unifying the communication system. It works like a Smartphone with other phone numbers. But, it does not work like Skype. It just offers its user to make national or international calls at a cheap rate.

Google voice is a web-based communication platform. It provides you a Google voice number which allows you to make a free call. This Google voice number is not only for the call, but it also has more aspects such as group texting, voicemail, hangout, and so much more convenient features. It is easy to operate and handle to make any convenient service.

Perhaps now, you want to know how does Google voice work.

Read on this article to find the complete guide to use this voice service step by step.

Features and functions of Google voice

How does Google voice work on the smart phone:

All of us know Google voice permits us to make a voice call using Google voice number. But, you can ask how does Google voice work on i-Phone? Or how does Google voice work on the cell phone?

There is no need to worry you can use this reliable service in a moment. Google voice is a significant app and here we present tips to use it easily.

Install Google voice app: Firstly, you must install the Google voice app on your iPhone or cell phone which you selected to use. This app is free to install. Store it and search Google voice and go to the web-based store page then install it.

  • Arrangement of Google voice: Before starting using the Google voice app you must set up it immediately. For this, you should take a Google voice number so you can make a call or any conference with others.
  • Make Google voice call: After setting up Google voice number, you can ask how to call Google voice number from phone?

Yes, it is a difficult job for anyone. After setting up, you can get a signup button. Press the button and sign up with your Google account. Then, your Google voice will do the job easily.

Now, Open the Google app and make a phone call using your Google voice mail number which voicemail number your choice to call. You can also send or receive any text message also.

However, Google voice is not the same call as an others voice call. It is so different from others such as another party with whom you can see your Google voice number instead of your mobile number at the end of the call. There are few button options to select like all calls, no calls, or an only international call. You can make any call from those options as your need.

  • Steps of Google voice call: Here, we try to show you how to call my Google voice number. There have a few simple steps to make a Google voice call. For example:
  • Sign up in your Google account.
  • Read and accept any term and condition. Then, you can at the top of the page a button “Choose”, click the button smoothly.
  • Now you can get choose option number based city area. And, select the number that you want to call.
  •  After selecting a dial number to follow the next step.
  • Lastly, click the “Finish” button to complete your call.
  • You can also use multiple calls by setting a useful option.
  • Important features of Google voice: There are a few important features of the Google voice service like:
  • Free phone number.
  • SMC via computer.
  • Call screening.
  • Spam calls blocker.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Read voicemail.
  • Group massaging.
  • International conference.
  • Link to landline and so on.
  • Advantages of Google voice: Google voice service contains many advantages such as:
  • Universal communication channel throughout a single smart phone.
  • Voicemail gives permission to provide voice text.
  • Outgoing national or international call at a cheap rate.
  • Free service for anyone.
  • Many more standard features.
  • Free Google voice app downloads option.
  • Disadvantages of Google voice: A few disadvantages just come with this service.
  • You need to port a mobile phone or a landline phone number to get Google voice service.
  • You can’t record an outgoing call.
  • It can’t allow direct user support.
  • Cost of Google voice call: It is true that Google voice provides a cheap rate call with a free call. But, the range of call is not the same for all calls. Plus, it is also a good option that Google voice must save your money.
  • You can make a free call within the USA and Canada and 0.01$ for other countries.
  • Other countries call rate is 0.01$ – 7.25$ per minutes.
  • You can make the cheap call at VOIP rate.
  • You can use the free SMS service.
  •  Limitation of Google voice service: Google voice permits to make a call at a cheap rate. This service also allows free calls service. But, this free service has few limitations like free voice calls allow just for USA or Canada.

Another limitation need to know, free calls also have limitation for 2/3 hours. After the limit time the cal will disconnect automatically.

Then, by using this service you can call only Google voice number to Google voice number only.

Bottom Line:

Hopefully, from this content, you will get more and more information about how does Google voice work? Now, you can pick this voice service when you need it. This competitive service allows you to make call globally at a cheap rate. After increasing the popularity the Google voice service add more standard and useful feature considering the advantage of the users.

Incoming call, call recording, outgoing call, voicemail, and many options have which make your job easy. The Google voice service assists you to promote your small business though it has a few limitations. This is a great job and everyone wants to like to get it as you.

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