Google Voice Not Working: Common Issues and Troubleshooting

The Google Voice service rolled out on March 11, 2009.  The Google Voice option allows you to call or send voice or text messages to your friends or colleagues through your contact number.

More people want to use the Google Voice option now than ever.Thanks to its wonderful functionality and programs.Itrevolutionized the internet and gave a futuristic look that helps to keep connected with friends and coworkers.

However, many people complain that Google Voice not working. There can be various reasons behind it. So in this article, we’ll be talking about these issues and help you to solve this problem.

Google Voice not Working: Solve Yourself!

Common Issues

There is nothing that works flawlessly. Whether it’s a handmade object or built through codes, there’ll be bugs in it!  The Google Voice option is neither above it.

Why is google voice not working? There can be numerous options behind error in Google voice. Faulty internet connection, not setting up the account properly, and internal software bugs are major reasons behind google voice outgoing calls not working.

Let’s learn about the most common reasons behind this issue:

1.    Faulty Internet Connection:

For accessing the Google Voice option, you’ll need an internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re accessing it with your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Without a proper internet connection, you’ll face this issue.


2.    Old Google Voice Versions

From time to time, you need to update the Google Voice options on your device. If you’re using an old version, then you may frequently face this problem. So in case your voice option is not running properly, check out if it’s updated or not!

3.    Account Settings

People seem to have a problem while accessing the Google Voice mode for not setting their account properly. You’ve to create an account before you want to use this option. Sometimes due to the wrong location, language, and other problems, the account is not set up correctly. And you’ll see it showing “google voice account error.

4.    Installing More than One Voice

Google Voice recognizes the tone or voice of an individual. So while you command anything, it searches its database and matches your voice with the installed one. But if you install more than one, then the app may mix it up. Eventually, it’ll show an error.

5.    Excess Cookies and Caches

When you’re using this voice option for a long time, the cookies and caches get piled up. As a result, they eat up more space and make the process slow. So if you haven’t cleared the cookies and caches, it may be one of the sole reasons behind this issue!

6.    Software Bugs

This issue is caused entirely due to the fault of Google or the manufacturing company. And general users have nothing to do with it. Sometimes, Google tries to bring out new options. As a result, there can be bugs in the software. Virus or malware attacks can also be a reason for this issue.


As you already learned the common issue, now we move on to the troubleshooting part.

1.    Reboot Device

Reboot or restarting the device is one of the common yet effective ways to solve this problem. Press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. And you’ll see a few options on the screen. Tap on the reboot option. And the rest will be done automatically.

2.    Check the Internet Connection

After you’re done with rebooting, check the internet connection on your device. See if it’s connected or not. Try restarting your touter if you’re using a wifi connection.

3.    Turn off Power Saving Mode

Power-saving modes help increase the running time of your device by shutting off the background apps and other functions.  The power-saving mode even stops the Google Voice option. So to solve issues related to Google Voice not working, turn off the power saving mode and try again.

4.    Set Up Your Account again

In case your voice service is not working, try resetting everything and set up a new account. To do this, first, you need to log out from the existing account. And then log in with your id and password.

Setting up multiple voice options can be a reason behind whywon’t google voice work. So make sure to use a single voice in the Google Voice service.

5.    Enable Google Voice Option

First, you need to check if your device is compatible with the Google Voice option or not. If it does, enable the google voice option from settings. While doing so, remember that you need to turn off or disable the Bixby option in your device (if it has). And always use the updated version of the app.

6.    Clear Cookies and Caches

After doing all these things, even if you’re facing google voice no working; try clearing the cookies and caches in the setting menu. Excessive cookies and caches eat up space and make the device slow as well.

Why is Google Voice not working with iPhone?

If you cannot log in to Google Voice, you must first check if your iPhone’s internet connectivity is functioning properly or not. If yes, go to the login alternative to enter the correct credentials to gain instant entry.

However, if you cannot link your Google account, you must attempt to sign-up for Google Voice on your apple device to use it simply.

If you’re facing problems like can’t make a call with iPhone or google voice not ringing iPhone, then try the following things-

  • First, sign up in the Google Voice account with an active internet connection
  • Take your device and find the G suites option. Now click on the Google voice option and check the location.
  • Check the administrator license and check if the Google voice option is turned on or not! Choose the country code and input the contact number.
  • Enable permission to make calls via the Google Voice option from settings.

Final Verdict

We hope these techniques were successful in fixing Google voice not working. Additionally, we’ve also covered the problems related to Apple devices as well. If your account is still showing an error, it must be due to a bug in the new update. But don’t worry, Google will fix it in a few days. You can even contact the Google help team to find a more quick solution!

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