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Google account disabled: Reasons and Easy Recovery of Disabled Google Account

Google has become one of the daily needs for getting any information from the web. This magical search engine serves any information with just a click. But the nightmare occurs when you discover your google account is disabled. These days google account is connected with almost every social media accounts even other important platforms. Google mail accounts or Gmail accounts are must for our everyday business, communication, and networking. Sometimes Gmail account disabled for some certain period of time due to specific reasons and activities. Google keeps an eye on your every activity and anything suspicious leads to google account disabled.

Reasons behind Disabled Google Accounts: Why google account disabled?

Well, this is the first question that occurs in our minds when we see our google accounts being disabled. To be precise, Google never disables or suspends an account without any reason. There must be anything doubtful in your operation that has forced Google to take such steps. Though the reasons are not clear every time some certain reasons play vital role to lead Google doing this.

The reasons behind disabling Google accounts are:

Terrorist Activity

If you use your google account for any sort of terrorist activities, you are most likely to get a suspension from Google. Sharing or promoting any terrorist content, idea or values can also let you face this. Again any terrorism discussion or invitation also leads google to disable your account.

Violation of Google Policies

Goggle has some policies and codes in its services. When a user opens a google account, he proceeds by agreeing these terms and policies. But once you violate the policies, Google disables your Google account. In severe cases, google can permanently disable any account.

Concealing Identity

Gmail wants your full identity information for further operation. If you deceive your identity, google may find out your real identity. Concealing identity can lead google to disable or suspend your account.

Robodialling or Automatic Calls

Google policies prohibit Automatic or computerized calls and even messages. Thus automatic calls can disable your google account.

Spamming Other Users

If google ever marks you as spam, the latest security policy will ban your account immediately. Google strictly prohibits Spam photos, contents, and videos. If google ever find out you be fraud or to be deceiving other people by google accounts, you will get a suspension.

Using numerous account at a time

If you manage a suspicious number of accounts at a time, google will surely notice and disable your account. It is better to use two or three accounts at a time. Google doesn’t consider handling multiple accounts healthy. Thus it suspends accounts or permanently bans them.

Harmful Operation and Child Exploitation

Any content on child exploitation or child labor will disable your account directly as per the google policies. Contents, photographs or any campaign containing child exploitation will face zero tolerance from Google. Sharing malware or harmful links will also disable your accounts.


If you google account is found to be logging into other accounts without the permission of the owner, Google will disable your account for sure. Thus any kind of hacking through a google account will lead the account to get banned.

What Happens When Your Google Account Disabled?

For your own doubtful activities, your google account can be at risk. When google disables your account, you won’t be able to sign in to your accounts, this will surely cause huge inconvenience to you. You may not be able to operate your Gmail account. Sometimes, google sends you email regarding the issue or it can simply give any error message.

Apart from the technical aspect, this can cause you a great deal on your professional and personal life. A day without your google account can literally show you a great downfall. These days all the business details and plans are stored in Gmail and sites are established in Google. Thus disabled google account can make a great loss for your business. Even in personal life, your Gmail account can have important personal data. You can lose them at once if google disables your account.

Temporary Google Account Disabled

Sometimes Google accounts can be disabled temporarily. Due to some activities, google blocks accounts temporarily for 24 to 36 hours. These accounts get retrieved automatically after some time. Due to the following reasons google account disabled temporarily:

  • If you are signed into multiple devices such as into two or three phones, tablets, and desktops, google may temporally disable your account.
  • Desperate sending off too many emails can also disable your account temporarily. If you try to send massive amount of messages to multiple users at a time, it may block your google account for some time.
  • Using third-party apps or third party software can make google suspicious about your activities. Thus it can block your account temporarily.
  • Again excessive login attempts can temporarily disable your account. If you forget your password or try to log in to other accounts, you can end up making multiple attempts. This will block your accounts for some time.

You can wait for some time and it will automatically bring your account back. Otherwise you may remove all the third-party software. Or you can clear cache and browser extensions to get your temporarily blocked google account back.

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How to Recover Disabled Google Accounts

Google account disabled due to suspicious activity thus you must not do anything that will make google suspicious about your activities. If your google account is not disabled permanently, you can recover it following the easy methods:

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