Everything you need to know about Yahoo Account Security Page

Yahoo is the second largest popular search engine all over the world. It provides services like web portal system, Yahoo mail, forum, news portal and many more. If you want to get extra from Yahoo, then you have to open a yahoo mail account. As you know to protect the privacy of an account, there may be some security issues. So there is a yahoo account security page to maintain this.

Sing in Page

For the sign in, you have to enter your email and password. If your password is incorrect, then it will not continue. It will show you with a message of “Your password with the email id is incorrect.”

There are some other options at sign-in page. “Stay signed in” and “Trouble signing in.” At the bottom, there is another link where you can sign up also.

Yahoo mail forgot password Page

Suppose, you are facing trouble to sign-in, or you may forget the email id or password. Don’t be panic, and you still can sign-in by providing some information to Yahoo. Yahoo account security page will allow you to do this.

At first, they will ask you to provide the email address or phone number of your account. If you failed to remember the account, you can also submit the recovery mobile or email address & press the Continue button. In this case, suppose you have given the mobile number of your account. They will ask you if you have access to that phone. They will send you a verification code to verify that you are the real owner of that account. By submitting the verification code, you might recover your account. But what will happen if you have no access to that phone number anymore? We are going to discuss the solution too.

Yahoo Security question:

If you forgot your password and didn’t have access to the phone number you provided earlier, you will be still able to sign in. You can sign in by answering the Yahoo security question. If the answer matched with the provided information given before, then you be redirected to yahoo mail.  There is an option too of “I forgot my yahoo security question answer.” Finally, if you forgot the yahoo security question also then you can contact the support of Yahoo. They might sort out the problem of your Yahoo account.

Yahoo account security page:

You can see the Yahoo account security page in the above image. If you want to make your account more strong and secured, you can add Yahoo account key. Also, you can add two-step verification key.

How does Yahoo Account key work?

Are you tired of managing and remembering multiple passwords? Yahoo Account Key is more secured. It will let you use your Smartphone as an alternative to a password to log in. Once you have enabled the feature, Yahoo will send you a notification to the Smartphone of your choice. You can accept access with a tap on your Smartphone. Thus no one can get into your account easily. By using this method, you can secure your account to the next level.

How does the two-step verification work?

You can also enable two-step verification which requires a verification code any time. Whenever try a login is open from a new device or browser, the code will be sent to the mobile number. Yahoo mail will send you a text or call with a new code. You will have to enter the code to sign-in. The phone number Yahoo contact with you may be changed every time.

Adding Recovery phone number

You will find the recovery phone number in the Yahoo account security page. The recovery phone number is very important to maintain the security of Yahoo. You can overcome Yahoo mail forgot password option with the phone number. Also, for the two-step verification, the phone number is necessary.

Adding Recovery email address

 Adding recovery email address will help you when you face any security-related issues in your account. You can recover your password with the email address. Also, you can have the facility of two-step verification method with the email address. Besides the phone number, the email address will help you to recover the account.

Tips for choosing strong Password:

Your password may seem easy to guess. You should maintain a strong password to make your account more secure. The following things you should consider:

  • No nicknames
  • No Birthdays
  • No mobile numbers
  • No pets
  • Use a mixed character with numbers
  • Use upper and lower case alphabets

Final Words:

 After reading the article, you will able to fix problems singing into your Yahoo account. You also know how to make strong passwords. You know how to manage a Yahoo account security page. If you have any question regarding the Yahoo account security page, you can ask in the comment section. Thank you so much for being with us till the end.

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