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Using Google Voice numbers is a perfect way to continue customer and seller communication. Well, you might be thinking, why Google Voice number? Well, the Google Voice number is a unique id created for you. As it’s automated and is able to take, make and send voicemails, that’s why Google voice has become no 1 priority even in some MNCs.

But not all Google sellers are authentic, or all Google numbers are legit. The legit google voice numbers need to be created manually. Due to this, not all sellers have the best and unique voice numbers for Google in stock.

Not to mention, Google Voice number has taken the place of assistants and other age-old technology. Read on to know everything about Google Voice numbers and how to buy Google Voice Accounts!

What is Google Voice Number?

In a word, google voice is a telecommunication service that offers features such as messaging, call forwarding, and voice mail. In short all the basic services of any other telecommunication protocol. But the catch is, that all the features are controlled through a web-based platform as in Gmail. Phone verified accounts need a sign-up through any phone for further use. And the user will get a number. This number can be used through several phones by signing in. Signing in is important for receiving a call as well.

Since the invention of this app, its popularity has always been on the high just because of the low rate and even free calls along with excellent service quality. Google voice not only offers call receiving but also you can forward calls to any phone number when you are not signed in.
Having a Google Voice number gives you one number that you can receive calls from all of their various phones. Can customize their account so that when someone calls your Google Voice phone number, in a moment ring on all of their phones easy to connect with people.

Why Should You buy bulk google voice accounts for your business?

Google voice accounts/numbers have many facilities. One number you can use for a different purpose. you can use the number for receiving calls, voicemail, and texting services, and also blocking unwanted calls. Also transcribed & audio voicemail, text messages, and missed call notifications can optionally be forwarded to email ids of the user’s choice. Turn on Google Voice texts and voicemail in Hangouts on one device, you’ll get your messages in Hangouts on all your devices.

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Buy Google Voice Accounts

Top-notch answering service:

Maintaining web traffic has something to do with regular call answering. The missed call in a very sense is quite negative for your business. This business maintained with google voice has a good impact on its customers as it ensures regular and frequent calls received. With the increase in traffic, you will surely get more calls for queries. A frequent and regular answer is much needed to attend to those calls and customer satisfaction. Thus google voice can be used as a call answering service. Most of the leading companies have switched to google voice for attending calls as it has immense options in call answering. Again most successful companies basically opt for recording the conversations of customers for better services. And google voice gives its users to recur the calls. Thus it is quite profitable to use google voice as a call answering machine.

To use area code as per personal preference:

For people who use google voice for business sometimes it becomes a necessity to get different area codes. As google voice is efficient in providing any area as per customer demand thus for business purposes one may use this facility. Sometimes the situation occurs that you have to move to another city with your business. In such cases, it is quite helpful to set up the google voice number as per the area code so that you don’t have to change it every now and then. Thus this feature is a kind of ultra-modern that can help you to another level.

Heavy Call Volume Handling:

Too many calls are no doubt a benediction for any business. But the rapidly growing small businesses that don’t have sufficient manpower to attend loads of calls every day, can be a real challenge. Sometimes many of the companies are deemed to have an email service that takes usually less time. But with google’s voice, the struggle gets curbed. You can use the voice transcription service and have all the calls in a transcript and can answer them just like email. This way you can handle heavy calls without paying extra money on building manpower or without investing your valuable time.

Social Media With Others Verification:

Google voice number lets you verify the maximum number of websites and social media platforms. Just like a phone number, you can use your google voice to verify your social media accounts. Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, and one of Paypal so on, all the social media platforms can be verified through a google voice number. Other virtual calling sites such as Vonage, Talkdesk, CallHippo, and RingCentral cannot provide this service. In the case of social media verification, you have to get them from their site. But with google voice, you can get the code easily from any logged-in device.

To ensure privacy:

Google voice number does not show any of your personal numbers. As sometimes it becomes tough to maintain privacy with a single number thus you may replace your personal cell phone number with a google voice number. In such a way your privacy will be maintained.

The service and features we are going to offer you:

As we said previously, you will be getting a Google voice number with 100% phone verification Gmail accounts. You will be able to reach us 24/7 hrs and get your problems regarding accounts solved. Our hardworking team has the best experience with Google voice. Now let’s help you to know about our features:


  • 24/7  Hours Availability
  • Smart
  • Delivery service within 24 hours max.
  • Ensuring consumer security.
  • We are offering is high in quality and safety as well.
  • Provide service with easy and super unique usernames, and recovery Email addresses to ensure your account’s security
  • Delivery with Excel sheet /CVS/notepad or like your format
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction. Money-Back Guarantee

Where can I buy Google voice accounts?

The most searched question is where I can buy google voice accounts available. Well though there are lots of dealers available in the market you can buy google voice accounts PVA from us at the cheapest price. Yes, we are the authorized Google voice account sellers with expert manpower to set up your account in both the personal and professional fields. So forget about thinking about where to buy a google voice number and make your Google Voice account purchase fair and smart with us.

Ultimately for obvious reasons, you might not have all day to think about how to get a google voice number with the best possible quality. Thus we have come forward with our team. Our team is skilled and customer integrated. We prefer customer satisfaction way more important than our payments. Thus you can trust us and Buy google voice PVA accounts from us. We have google voice numbers available or we can create or find a google voice number for you. We can customize Google voice number sell as per your demands. So google voice gets a number from us and makes business more sorted.

Our Google Voice Service Pricing Packages:

Google Voice accounts have many advantages over typical contact numbers or accounts. As they are an all-in-one tool for receiving, scheduling, and call forwarding tool, they make corporate life easier.

Google Voice accounts or numbers have some exceptional features. As a result,  many companies are thinking of this as an alternative to calling service executives.

So if you’re thinking about buying Google Voice Accounts, you’re at the right place. Whether you want to use the voice numbers for personal use or in your office, you have got the perfect packages of voice numbers for you.

Note that all the Google Voice Account buying packages have some common features. The only difference is the pricing and the number of accounts you’ll be getting.

You may use the number for calls, voicemails, and messages if you have a Google Voice number. As a verified Google Voice number seller, we ensure the best and the most legit voice number for you. Also, each of the Google voice accounts has a unique IP address. Every account has a comprehensive profile with photographs and info. Undoubtedly only we can provide the best service related to google voice numbers.

We are providing the best quality google voice PVA  at the best prices. Our service is 100% customer satisfaction. If we do not have customer satisfaction with our service, we are providing Money Back Guarantee.

Google Voice Accounts Pricing: For let pricing and availability please contact us.

Buy Google Voice Accounts/Numbers:

To get a breakthrough from the hazard of using numeral numbers, you can simply switch to a google voice number and use it on different phones. This is probably the most enhancing feature of google voice PVA accounts as a single number can make you unable to use it on several phones and get rid of the traditional landlines.

When you buy a Google Voice account, you get to enjoy some distinctive features. Excluding voice call options, there are many other advantages of having a Google Voice account. You can quickly swap phones on the features once you have created a Google Voice account.

If you’re using your old number, you may also keep your current Google Voice contact number. You may send and receive a text from your browser or telephone by offering free texting additionally via Google voice numbers.

Google’s voice account provides a voicemail service. To translate voice mail, Google utilizes Google’s improved voice identification algorithm to change it to text. This superior transcription technology can assist if you don’t hear your voice message clearly or can’t hear a message. Google Voice calls to offer you additional power during a call.

With just a press, you can begin or end recording calls and then watch online recorded calls. You can swap between devices or phones without interrupting the call as well.

One must consider the mobility it ensures. Not only in personal life, has google voice numbers had some significant effect obviously in a positive manner, in business aspects as well.

Buy New Google Voice Number

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in buying Google Voice accounts or numbers. We’ve 100% legit Google Voice accounts for sale that has been tested many times.  For any business conversation, you may utilize our Google Voice Numbers.

We are the authorized google voice seller. With our Google Voice Number service, you may communicate with each other directly from any phone.

Buy PVA Google Voice Account

Efficient communication and connection are two important instruments for corporate development and improvement. You have to move forward with the latest technologies to expand your business precisely. And it can only be done by being competent and unparalleled with your new and existing clientele.

Voice accounts from Google can be quite handy. Most successful companies make full use of this. Your decision to acquire Google Voice Accounts might thus have a major influence on your company communications.

There are several advantages to Google’s voice accounts. That is why companies take it wholeheartedly. Contact today and get Google’s voice number within 24 hours. In order to grasp the importance of quality and perfection, we provide our clients with effective Google voice numbers.

You may thus, without any concern, acquire Phone Verified Account or PVA Google voice accounts from us. In building such communication, Google voice can help you achieve your company goals in the long run.

Google Voice Accounts in Bulk:

But the whole process can be a bit tricky or I shall say difficult to an extent. Google voice buy is a complicated process and you can get the best output if you consult with experts for better help. Most of the time, people get puzzled that where to buy Google voice and buy a number that can sustain for the longest period without creating any trouble. To get you out of this dilemma, we have come forward with some excellent offers focusing on creating Google voice for sale for your betterment. We have the best manpower and we believe in customer satisfaction thus we offer you a massive number of Google voice accounts for sale and it comes really cheap. So, hurry up go through the full content, and get in touch with us to buy Google voice number for sale.

Customize your Zip code:

Every area comes with a zip code. The google voice number adds the zip code. But in some cases, we witness customers demand a specific area code. In this regard, we have come up with the ability to customize any area code you prefer regardless of the actual area. Now, pick any of your preferable codes and we with our efficient team will provide you so.

What is our creating process?

We first create a strong Gmail account and then set up a google voice number. each account when creating uses unique IP. And care for all of the accounts with each unique. Our expert team always creates good quality accounts.

What type of Gmail do we use for google voice PVA accounts?

Our all accounts are the best quality strong Gmail, each account makes a unique IP. We Have different types of Gmail accounts, if you need old Gmail with google voice it ok will provide you with this service. We also provide Gmail accounts if anyone is interested then visit our Buy Gmail Accounts Page.

How to create a google voice number?

Setting up a google voice number is not a big deal yet you can deal with any google voice seller or you can set it up on your own. The first and foremost thing is to have a Google Account. Having a Google account you can have a google voice number for free of cost. You can even delete the google voice number and have another one. Let’s see the following procedures for setting up a google voice number:

  1. First of all, go to the google voice setup page. If you are already logged into a google account then no further tasks are needed. And if not, you can just set your password by providing your email address. And you are all set to go.
  2. The task would be to set the zip code. As per your location, you will get a zip code. Here is one thing to add; if you set up your google voice account from us, you may have any zip code you want regardless of the location fact. We provide this sort of service by setting your zip code to your preference.
  3. Then you have to select a phone number as your google voice number. There will be a SELECT button in blue color on your phone that you have to click.
  4. Then you will find an option VERIFY, click here to verify the phone number.
  5. After verification, you will have to put the actual phone number yours. Use a number that has your access.
  6. Now, google voice will send you a text to verify your phone number. Once you open your message option, you will get a code from your google voice account. Then submit the code and some other options will pop up.
  7. At last, press, FINISH to conclude the whole task and you are ready with your own google voice phone number.

How to use google voice on android or how to use google voice on iPhone or how to use google voice on the computer?

Google Voice on Android:

  1. Download the app from the google play store
  2. Once you get the app click Continue
  3. Select the number you want to use
  4. Click next to verify your number

Google Voice on iPhone:

  1. Download the app from App Store
  2. Sign in to google voice
  3. Once you get the app click Continue
  4. Select the number you want to use and get it verified

Google Voice on the computer:

  1. Open google voice on your computer
  2. Now sign in
  3. Search for your area code and number
  4. Select the number and wait for verification


How many google voice numbers can I have?

Ans: For personal use, you can only have a single Google Voice number. But in most cases, Google voice numbers are purchased in bulk quantity for companies or other institutions.

How to get bulk google voice numbers?

Ans:  If you’re looking to buy bulk google voice numbers for your company or any other purpose, visit We have several packages regarding the Google Voice Number purchasing and related services. Besides, you can also get google’s voice number at the cheapest rate here!

Where to buy a google voice number?

Ans: The is the perfect place to buy Google’s voice number. We have 4 different packages for buying Google voice numbers s, and each plan offers some exquisite features.

The cheapest plan comes at $18 with 10 google voice numbers and 5 days of replacement. And the bulk one comes at $1800 with 1000 google voice numbers, high-quality PVA, and 5 days of replacement!

How to buy a Google Voice Number?

Ans: As mentioned above, we have 4 different plans and packages for buying Google Voice Numbers. So what you have to do is choose your google voice Plan from the 4 and then knock us via our website chat or contact no.

Then just have to follow the steps accordingly and confirm the payment at the end of it!

Is buying a Google Voice Number expensive?

Ans: Absolutely, not! Many sellers try to sell google voice accounts at a lot of high prices. But we don’t do that. You can buy cheap google voice accounts from users that are 100% legit.

How much does a google voice number cost?

Ans: Well, the costs of google voice Numbers can vary for different causes. If you buy a single number, you may think the price is high. Whereas, for bulk amount of buying, the Google voice numbers come at a lot cheaper price.

So you can see our price list to get an idea about the costs of google voice numbers.

Can I buy a google voice account with PayPal?

Ans: No, it’s not possible to buy Google Voice accounts or numbers using PayPal. Although Paypal is one of the most common transaction methods, we haven’t accepted this transaction method yet. Other than Paypal, there are several other payment options. We accept payment for Google Voice numbers with them.

Can I buy a google voice number with bitcoin?

Ans: As bitcoin is one of the most rising transaction systems, we accept this transaction method to buy Google Voice Numbers. However, we’ve other transaction methods or payment methods like ether (USDT), Web-Money, Perfect-Money, Payoneer, Alipay,  Transferwise, TransFast, XpressMoney, and MoneyGram, WesternUnion, Remitly.


Setting up a google voice number is not quite easy but as long as you are using this for any business purpose, you must do it accurately. There are many legal and expert google voice service provider is there to help you to have your perfect google voice number. Even you can buy bulk google voice numbers from us as we provide the best manpower along with some top-notch offers.

To sum up the whole content I may mention google voice is just another step in digital calling and communication. You must Buy go accounts or PVA buys google accounts to digitalize your business. Take a ride with us and we assure you to get the best results and services.